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#iheartjrock reminder !

Greetings!. It’s your mid-week reminder #iheartjrock is on SAT 10PM EDT on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA. We recently had our time shift, so we moved our times forward an hour.
#iheartjrock is 2 hours of music from #japan and more!! always taking requests! please fill out the form on the request page

Be sure to check out Tsuyoshi Domoto’s bday wish page and submit a message anytime too. Thanks for all the messages so far!

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Added the new JohnnysWEST Mixed Juice and SixTONES 共鳴 6th single to the Johnnys Radio playlist. Please listen if you can.

I’ve been posting links to songs I’ve been listening to at the gym when I go, check it out when you can #workout

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check out past #sakuraundergrounds ! and #iheartjrock

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