The First Macross F Solo Concert in 11 Years!

Macross F Galaxy Live 2021 “Revenge” Blu-ray

to Release on June 22!

The release of the Macross 40th Anniversary Super-Dimensional Collaboration Album Deculture!! Mixture!!!!! is just around the corner on April 6! During a special livestream to commemorate the release, May’n and Megumi Nakajima made a happy announcement.

Macross F Galaxy Live 2021 “Revenge”—the first Macross F solo concert in 11 years, which took place on November 10, 2021, at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall—will be released on Blu-ray on June 22, 2022. This product will be released in three formats: a Regular Edition, a Limited Edition, and a Gorgeous Edition. All editions will include the full concert including the encore. 

The Limited Edition and Gorgeous Edition will also come with a bonus disc that includes unique songs from the November 9 and November 23 (Sheryl’s birthday) performances, a behind-the-scenes documentary, and interviews with May’n, Megumi Nakajima, and Shiro Sasaki. Furthermore, the Gorgeous Edition, of which only 10,000 sets will be available, will include a Musume Dora◎2022+Live Selection CD, a Gorgeous package format, and a Galaxy Live 2021 back-stage pass necklace strap. The Musume Dora◎2022+Live Selection CD contains a new audio drama from the Musume Dora series, which was originally released in 2009, as well as selection of songs from the concert.

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