Outdoor gym at Rushey Fields Recreation Ground

Even tho I felt like I worked a whole week in one day yesterday, I bounced out of bed and got ready for the gym. I usually have 2 cups of coffee and a bathroom break before I leave the house. I had extra pep at the gym this morning, and spent a bit longer on the elliptical machine. It would be nice if there was an outdoor gym in my area, but at 5am, it would be really scary.

I used to use the row machines, it was tucked away in a side room at the gym. Now they are out front for the whole world to view. My social awkwardness makes me not want to use these machines, I don’t need to be told I am doing it wrong by someone, because someone has to say something about everything.


Today I watched videos. Brand new videos from #KOICHIDOMOTO (member of kinki kids, not related to Tsuyoshi Domoto) , #HYDE , and also rocking out to #THEGAZETTE because I always listen to them at the gym, and #LARCENCIEL

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I do love this song. INTERACTIONAL and older song, live from his PLAYFUL tour 2021!!
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There is never a bad time for Halloween Party. This as live 2021, with ASh Da Hero and Daigo amongst others. This is a HYDELESS version, but they shot members of the crowd in their awesome halloween outfits. I MISS VAMPS!!
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UNDYING lives in infamy! I love this song so much.
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L’arc en Ciel celebrating their 30th anniversary. They put this new song out last year. This video is so nice. Isn’t that the girl in the Strawberry Breakfast video too?

until next workout!

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