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#Humpday GYM

This is my third day this week going to the gym. Last week I went to the gym 3 days in a row. I am going to beat my last week and go one more day!
Today was a bit hard, I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes and it seemed like a lifetime. I used to be able to do a mile in 12 minutes, but now it takes me longer. I like that I can position the machine to go upwards.

Today I watched more videos while I was on the treadmill. I had a double treat of Koichi Domoto live songs from the J Storm youtube page. Playful looked like it was a great live.

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I am a fan of this song too! It’s actually on the Playful cd. I bought it and enjoyed it a lot. Koich Domoto is one half of Kinki Kids, he is not related to Tsuyoshi Domoto, but they are very close and could be.

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The J Storm youtube page put out 2 videos since I posted the last one.

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The Gazette are my go to band and the gym. When I first started going to the gym about 10 years ago. Their music is very fast and very heavy. Most of the lyrics are in Japanese. I won’t discuss the song content, but it rocks !!

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SixTONES are amazing! I love their music a lot. I get requests for them every week. Special Order live from live tour Onest is a lot of fun! I love watching it.

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I am so happy for Miyavi! I’ve followed him since 2015, I joined his fan club. I’ve seen him live, 3 times. I got to take my photo with him 2 times. The time I won a contest on facebook, and the second time I got to by being in the fan club. I saw him a few times in NYC and once in Boston. Miyavi has been in movies, he models all the time, does music for animes, he is also a super hero.

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kyo, lead singer of DIR EN GREY one of his side projects is called sukekiyo. It’s an awesome electronic synth pop band. I love this band! All their songs are so amazing!

Please click the video link and continue on to their youtube pages for more information. Please check out #iheartjrock and #SakuraUnderground for more music commentary from music from japan, UK , back in time, new music, old music, #rock #alternative #industrial #goth #punk #newwave #requests too, check it out !

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