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Thursday Gym day!

I made it to the gym 4 days in a row this week. I am not tired, I am not too sore, and I could really go again tomorrow, but I will take the day off. Maybe I will return on Saturday.
Today I worked on my abs and my arms. I don’t listen or watch videos/music when I am working on these areas of the body for it is not compliable. But I did end the week on the arc machine again. Only burnt 200 calories on it. Sad! But I got to watch a few videos to get me motivated.
As I was leaving the gym, someone was walking into the gym and they looked at me with a terrified expression on their face. When I go to the gym I just roll out of bed and grab the nearest clean tshirt and gym pants and run out the door after coffee. I don’t take a shower, I don’t wear cute outfits, I am there to get sweaty and ugly, and I am sorry if my appearance offends. But I just don’t understand why people at 5am have to take a shower and get all pretty just to workout. Makes no sense to me.

More #KoichiDomoto live , old old #LARCENCIEL , new #MIYAVI and my new favorite #THEORALCIGARETTES
#Jrock #Jpop #music from #japan

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This is the single for the PLAYFUL album. I like it a lot. This live version is 🔥🔥🔥
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This DVD is epic!!
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Would you believe L’arc En Ciel played after Koichi?!? My YouTube algorithm is amazing. This is a very very very old video from the band. I got into them when READY STEADY GO! came out. Not because it was in Full Metal Alchemist, because him and Gackt and a lot of old bands were on a tv show that played music from japan on it. I forget the name, but my local cable provider aired it on the weekends.
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Another favorite of mine is #MIYAVI !! This is the latest video. It’s freaking cool!! I am sure I will play it on #iheartjrock this week!

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They have a new video premiering any second now, but I enjoy this song a lot. I have been listening to their music at my desk at work. It help motivate me during the last few minutes on my machine.

Please click the link to the youtube pages to learn about the bands I shared.
Thanks for checking this out!

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