Valley Free Radio Spring Fund Drive

May 8th-14th

“Hello, I’m DJ Sakura666 from #iheartjrock on Saturdays 10PM. This is the week of Valley Free Radio’s fund drive. As a volunteer-run, nonprofit community radio station, Valley Free Radio relies on listeners like you to keep us on the air. Please help us continue bringing you locally-grown programming by going online to and making a tax-deductible contribution today. Thank you!”

The radio station that airs #iheartjrock and the studio space we record #SakuraUnderground is having their semi annual fund drive. This time we are hoping to fix the soundboard and clean up our wire situation. It’s on the wires of our nerves!! We are also looking for monthly donors to support our station!

Please visit our homepage, and our social media accounts. Don’t forget to donate!

i did design these graphics along with many more that I can’t seem to upload here. Please follow on tiktok and facebook to see more! Don’t forget to mention #iheartjrock , it would mean a lot. Those of you in japan may still not be able to donate, sorry for the inconvenience. You have done so much already. Please take good care of yourselves.

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