river between cherry blossoms

Greetings!! Happy Humpday! It’s a midweek reminder, #iheartjrock is on SAT 10P EDT on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA also streaming on valleyfreeradio.org

Still not opening requests, because the studio is still under construction, there will be a show this Saturday. Not sure if it will be new or an old prerecorded show. Will keep you posted.

Speaking of old shows, below is a link to a very old #Iheartjrock, it’s from 2019. It has a lot more #Jrock and #vk than the recent shows. #AKIHIDE #BREAKERZ #OBLIVIONDUST etc. etc. etc. please listen if you have time, or enjoy rock music from japan!

Happy June everyone!

also don’t forget to leave bday wishes for our #SixTONES summer birthday boys!

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