#iheartjrock reminder

Greetings! It’s #iheartjrock Saturday. Just reminding you that #iheartjrock is going live at 10pm EST on 103.3FM WXO-LP in Northampton MA USA streaming on valleyfreeradio.org/listen Playing 2 hours of mostly music from japan! We do that an 80s block from your requests, also new #jrock songs, your #jpop request songs, some ASMR from DJ Silent and no birthday’s this week!
Please join DJ Sakura666 and DJ Silent ! also past shows are on iheartjrock.com and also apple podcasts, amazon podcasts, and iheartradio podcasts, just search #iheartjrock !

If you haven’t noticed, SixTONES Radio on the side , i’ve uploaded my collection of SixTONES materials TeamSixTONES fans have sent me. So please enjoy!

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