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#iheartjrock reminder!

Happy #iheartjrock Saturday!! It’s been a busy happy morning here in the USA! Noticed there was music program in japan going on with tons of bands performing! Our favorites, SixTONES, THERAMPAGE, King and Prince, JohnnysWEST, BE:First and so many more performances from bands from japan. Also some 80s stars coming out to perform as well.
SixTONES performed 「共鳴」also a Johnny’s medley and will perform later on in the show with Super star YOSHIKI !! Imitation Rain, which was written by Yoshiki, will also be performed on stage together. What an exciting time!

THE RAMPAGE also got to perform their new song THE POWER !!

BE:FIRST had a new addition to their performance lol

I was busy watching it being distributed online live, not going to mention anything, just watched a few clips, I did see Jesse with his sandals, and lots of commercials. And also the anniversary on Kinki Kids on TVer. Kinki Kids are celebrating their 25th year together, and are coming out with a new single later on this month.

Tonight on #Iheartjrock we will listen to some of these bands, some new music, some 80s requests, also celebrating birthdays of MoaMetal from BabyMetal, Akihide, Gackt, Tomo from JohnnysWEST, and I am sure we will hear ASMR DJ Silent

Speaking of ASMR DJ SIlent lastest #SakuraUnderground is up!

Previous #iheartjrock is up also,

also don’t forget to leave a Birthday Wish for Shintaro from #SixTONES !!

The music starts
10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA, streams on
Please check your time zone so you don’t miss it, but if you do, they are archived on iheartjrock or your favorite podcast provider, search ” #iheartjrock “

see you tonight!


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