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#iheartjrock MidSummer 2022

#iheartjrock MidSummer 2022

The newest #iheartjrock is up! DJ Silent and DJ Sakura666 have a moment about Shinzo Abe’s assassination. DJ Sakura666 has officially taken over the 80s hits, since DJ Silent has taken over Sakura Underground! LOL So block of 80s hits, SixTONES, #jpop , #jrock ! Birthday Wishes to Sugizo from XJAPAN , Luna Sea, his jam bands, his solo stuff, his experimental noise, they released hide with Spread beaver live and we got all songs from the ep! Came out in 1998 remastered in 2022! Long live hide-chan!

A new site for the playlist? How does it look?
Leave a comment below the videos!
Of course I have another background playlist
TOMOHISA YAMASHITA – ‘Beautiful World ‘ M/V //
DROWNYOU【ドラウンユー】INI|BOMBARDA Rock Version //
INI|BOMBARDA Performance Video //
ジャニーズWEST – ムーンライト from METROCK2022 OSAKA //
KinKi Kids – Amazing Love [Official Music Video (short ver.)] //
Nissy(Takahiro Nishijima) / 「I Need You」

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