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#SakuraUnderground MIDSUMMER 2022 !!

#SakuraUnderground MIDSUMMER 2022 !!

This episode of #SakuraUnderground has blocks bands who played HELLFEST a few weeks back per request! Thanks what a great idea!
Then there are birthday wishes to one of DJ Sakura’s long time favorite singers and DJ Sakura also has some music from #JAPAN! There are requests from #Iheartjrock that did not make it, so it ‘s playing here on this #SakuraUnderground.
#SakuraUnderground was recorded the day after Shinzo Abe’s assassination, and DJ Sakura and DJ Silent had a few words about it. May he rest in peace.

Playlist for Sakura Underground podcast 
Sakura Underground Midsummer 2022
Killing Joke
Nitzer Ebb
Marc Almond
One Ok Rock
Mrs Green Apple


Killing Joke New Cold War
Killing Joke Asteroid
Ministry Thieves
Ministry Just One Fix
Ministry Over the Shoulder
Nitzer Ebb Fun to be Had
Nitzer Ebb Hearts and Minds
March Almond Death's Diary  Happy Birthday To Marc Almond!
One OK Rock Wonder
Mrs. Green Apple Unity
INI Call 119
Endrecheri Love VS Love

DJ Silent and DJ Sakura666 in the lobby of the Valley Free Radio studio. Never serious, always goofy and they like to share music. Please enjoy, care to leave some feedback? It will help out a lot.

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