As you have probably heard about #OblivionDust releasing a new album in November, along with a tour in Japan to support it. One of #iheartjrock favorite #jrockers! Their last album ‘Dirt’ was released on July 20, 2016! I had to buy it because a friend told me about the awesomeness of the singer, and I wanted to hear K.A.Z’s other band! I fell in love right away, and I went through a lot of “Dirt-y” summers waiting for new music. I got all the older albums and binged each and everyone one of them because they were great albums. I listened at the gym, back and forth to work, on road trips. So I am excited to get to listen to new music from them. Dirt was distributed around the world, so I believe their new album will also be. What is the name of the new album? The tour that follows is titled “Plug in the Fuse” so maybe that will be the title, or just Plug, or Fuse, oh we will just have to wait and see.

They started posting photos on their social media accounts, twitter, instagram, facebook, and also updated their image on their website. I’ll just post links from their #Instagram account, because it’s the easiet. They started posting a photo of their bassist, Rikiji, he is very talented and has a million tattoos, honest, they are all over him!!

Up next is lovely K.A.Z, he let his hair grow very long and it looks like very much like Hide in this photo. He was in Spread Beaver back in the day, he is in a few of the videos too. It’s nice to see a photo of him. He rarely updates. He does zoom meetings with Anis from time to time, and recently he appeared with singer Ken Lloyd on his radio show Night Owls as a special guest. I have not listened to it yet, but I am excited to listen.

I am not sure why, but Ken’s photo was uploaded to Oblivion Dust’s Instagram stories and was only up for a flash, but they did post it to their twitter account so we got a picture of Darth Vader photobombing Ken’s moment. I wonder if he watched the Clone Wars.

Lastly, this morning they made the announcement with a short clip of the new album/tour. There is so much synth style in the short clip, and they mention there is edm in the new music that only Oblivion Dust can create, so I look forward to hearing this. Also I bet K.A.Z worked a lot on the electronics in the new album. He has had Moog products and uses interesting music software to make sounds resonate.

So that was the Daily J, with an actual article of an actual JROCK band. Please check out their website and follow their social media accounts. They have even updated their group photo.
So now you have to visit

I just can’t end this article without the live video I have of them up on youtube. I am pretty sure I posted this before on #iheartjrock , but here it is again. It was a great live. I saw them live in 2017 in USA and hope to see them again one day. Either in Japan(if they would ever let us in) or USA.

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