#iheartjrock is on tonight, or tomorrow overseas!

Greetings! Happy #iheartjrock Saturday! Please join DJ Sakura666 and DJ Silent for 2 hours of music from japan and more! We have a block of 80s hits again plus #jpop even more #jrock! The seasons are changing and the time change is creeping up!! We have a birthday, a lot of news happened this week, and we will be on break for 2 weeks. The music starts at 10PM EST , we are local on channel 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA , we stream everywhere online for free at valleyfreeradio.org

Check out podcast #SakuraUnderground for more eclectic eccentric obscure old, new and interesting music, plus commentary with DJ Silent and DJ Sakura666!

Just like the SixTONES bday page and Tsuyoshi bday wishes page there is also a K.A.Z bday page!! Please leave a birthday comment. We will celebrate when we come back 10/8 !!

Here’s some photos of bands appearing on this week’s #iheartjrock , please enjoy the show!

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