#iheartjrock goes live tonight, or tomorrow overseas!! We spin 80s hits, music from Japan, your requests, thanks so much for sending them, repeating requests is ok! We go through them all and enjoy the wonderful comments also made. Feedback is wonderful. Thank you very much for submitting comments to the BEST of 2022 page, it’s been an exciting year and no one got hurt.

DJ Sakura666 and DJ Silent will be posting also. Repeat posts is ok!

DJ Sakura666 was so happy to connect to her favorite musicians from Japan. DJ Silent is also grateful for those that listen to #SakuraUnderground which he still has control over. Check it out if you haven’t already.

#iheartjrock starts at 10PM EDT on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA. stream online at valleyfreeradio.org/listen *it’s been updated.
You can also stream it on your favorite radio websites, past shows are up at iheartjrock.com and also spinitron.com itunes, amazon, but not spotify because they suck.. sakuraunderground is on spotify tho so you can check it out. just use the hashtags #iheartjrock #sakuraunderground

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