Junna to Release 3rd Full-Length Album “Dear”

to Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Her Debut!

JUNNA, who is known as the ace vocalist of Walküre and is actively pursuing her solo music career, has announced that she will be releasing her third full-length album titled “Dear” on April 12 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of her debut.

This album will be a masterpiece that truly showcases the essence of JUNNA’s singing ability. It will include a wide variety of songs, such as “Umi to Shinju,” the opening theme of Fena: Pirate Princess composed by Yuki Kajiura, “Taiyou no Kouro,” the ending theme song of the same anime, “Kaze no Oto sae Kikoenai,” the fast-paced, rock opening theme of Sabikui Bisco, and “Aimaina Futari,” the theme song of Kojinsa Arimasu and JUNNA’s first drama tie-up.

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