Mai Fuchigami Collaborates with Popular Vocaloid Producers to Release Mini-Album MAI CREATE!

On January 25, 2023, the mini-album MAI CREATE was released. It features songs created through a collaboration between popular Vocaloid producers and Mai Fuchigami, a talented voice actress best known for her role as Miho Nishizumi in the anime Girls und Panzer.

The five Vocaloid producers participating in this album are Giga, 40mP, Yuuyu, Iyowa, and DECO*27. All art associated with the project was drawn by illustrator popman3580

The five songs each express different sides of the artist Mai Fuchigami through the creators’ unique perspectives. Music videos for four of the songs, “Speak Out meets Giga,” “Ichigo Hyakkai meets 40mP,” “Tricolor meets Yuuyu,” and “Chig Hug meets DECO*27 have already been released, so please check them out!.

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