UPDATE from the secretary 笑

It’s no longer hump day, but we always take requests for #Iheartjrock and #SakuraUnderground over at iheartjrock.com

this week’s top requests according to all the messages you send!!


2. #KIngandPrince ツキヨミ yes ! #TwinPeaksDay

3. #SixTONES 人人人

4.#山#下 智久 Beautiful World

5. #The Rampage No Gravity English Version

There are so many #Arashi requests, and they are all over the place. I will try to choose one, I am sorry if yours doesn’t get picked. I might play a double shot.

#BabyMetal #80s hits and so much more was also requested. We will play them also.
Thank you very much for going to the request page and sending your requests with you’re awesome messages. The #iheartjrock team read them all the time. There were birthdays this week, also some events going on. We will discuss them this week on iheartjrock. It’s very cold. Please keep warm. Please rest too.

Do The Thing! 🤘

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