#iheartjrock reviews MAN WITH A MISSION Brighton Music Hall MA 2023

by DJ Sakura666

What is MAN WITH A MISSION? Do you know the story? If you do, you can scroll down past this. For those who are unaware of MWAM, let me briefly tell you the story.

Once upon a time, in a world filled with war, chaos, and uncertainty a mad scientist called DJ Jimi was in his lab. He was in a far away place called Lady Land. He created 5 men with super human powers. Also with heads that were wolves. Calling the quintet “MAN WITH A MISSION” (all caps… MWAM for short) Apparently, they were powerful and dangerous, causing pain and trauma on the world so DJ Jimi froze them for punishment.
Flash forward to 2010, while MWAM were sleeping they listened to music and due to the global warming of Earth, they defrosted and started up as a band from Shibuya Japan, making music, albums and having songs which appear in anime!

Current members

Jean-ken JohnnyKamikaze BoyDJ Santa MonicaSpear RibTokyo Tanaka
Powers: handstand, guitars
Powers: Hunting/Bass
Sampling and DJing
Powers: drums, One More GohanPowers: sleeping/Sing A Song
guitars, rap vocals bass, backing vocalsturntables, samplingdrumslead vocals

Don’t believe me? Just read it on their homepage. Link below (photos stolen from HP)

My only question is “Are they Japanese??” because their English is excellent!!

3 of the members do have their faces exposed while they are performing live. I got to see it in person. They do put make on so you can’t really see anything, except for the whites of their eyes and teeth! 😍

If you made it this far, this is the intro to the day, it was May 28th, it was day 2 of my 3 day weekend. Covid is long gone, bands are coming back to USA, everyone is venturing outside, having a great time, and living life to the fullest because we were locked up for sometime. After returning home from #iheartjrock we napped for a few hours, got up, and headed to Boston! MAN WITH A MISSION is coming to town. We check in and notice our hotel has a Japanese Hibachi steak house attached to it. We put our stuff away and checked out the restaurant. Hibachi if your a fan, there was a whole family there experiencing it for the first time themselves. There was a child. He was traumatized.

I never ever get a bento box, but today I did. I was really impressed, I got the Chicken Teriyaki bento. It came with a spring roll sitting in sauce, 2 pieces of tempura (also the guess the vegetable game!)sitting in sauce, sushi rice, salad with ginger dressing, chicken and more veggies in more sauce! I admit the chicken was dry, but everything else was yummy. Check out Bisuteki Tokyo in Cambridge MA!! 👍👍👍

Man with a Mission’s Wolves on Parade concluded the North American journey in Brighton Music Hall, Boston MA. It was a HOT memorial weekend, there was a very sweaty DJ Sakura666, sweaty wolves and also another sold out show for the band! This is what we looked like before we become sweaty messes…

We arrive at the venue at 5:30P. There is a line with VIP people and regular people. We didn’t upgrade so we were in the short line that was in front of a world famous 🧋 Boba Tea spot 🧋 because people we coming in and out of it non stop. We stood in line for a few minutes then DJ Silent DUDU pops out to use a rest room and get us some TACOS!!

The tacos were messy but very yummy. Food made my body feel better and I was up for more waiting in line. YAY! Waiting in line for the doors to open is the most boring thing in the world. I hate it so much. I have done it all my life except for 1 time when I saw VAMPS in Boston. I hate Boston traffic, people are rude and crazy in Boston.

Around 7pm our friend Tyler popped into line to save us from our boredom. We did some catching up, DJ Silent Dudu asked him about his travels in Japan and everything #Japan related. At this they are mentioning if you have a VIP to go into the other line. We all catch up and the doors open!

But we are not done with the waiting. After our easy entrance into the venue Brighton Music Hall we separate, me to the merch, DJ Silent and Tyler to the bar! I bought a t-shirt that I love! The guys bought me a drink! Truly seltzer. YAY, while they have several shots of whiskey and Heinekens( I call them heinies because I’m 12 lol )
Tyler introduces me to another #Japanesemusic podcaster Evan and we stand and wait some more. I set up my camera for some sneaky shots, I apparently didn’t take. I did manage to take these silly photos before the performance. IDK what that first shot is of, but it terrifies me.

The concert was sold out!!! We were packed in, I got a good view of the stage and I was standing next to Evan. We actually didn’t wait that long, the lights go down, they come on stage. Everyone screams!! And the music starts. Someone kept hitting my bag throughout the night and I kept hitting the person in front of me. It’s been a long time since I attended a show that I was this close to the stage

Man with a Mission put on a high-energy, exciting show at Brighton Music Hall. My only complaint was the sound in the venue is a bit out of tune, Miyavi was like that too, loud, it tings, ear plugs a must . The band, known for their unique blend of rock, metal, and electronica, brought the house down with their energetic performance. They were all dressed in animal masks, which added to the band’s unique visual style. The band members were all in high spirits, and they clearly enjoyed being on stage. They interacted with the crowd throughout the show all night. The band played a mix of old and new songs. The band’s sound was tight, and their musicianship was top-notch. The 3 exposed faces ( Kamikaze Boy, Tokyo Tanaka and Jean Ken Johnny)vocals were all powerful through out the night, and the band’s instrumentals were complex and well-executed. Overall, Man with a Mission put on a fantastic show at Brighton Music Hall. The band’s high-energy performance and unique sound made for a memorable night. If you’re a fan of rock, metal, or electronica, then you definitely need to check out Man with a Mission.

Here is a set list with some added commentary and videos for highlights of the night:
Set 1:
1. database I am not aware of this song. It was pretty awesome though. They came on the stage and they gave everything they got. The crowd was happy, I was happy. 🤘 this happened a lot during the night. 2. Blaze another track I’m not familiar. It is now one of my favorite songs. 3. Merry-Go-Round this song takes a lot of getting used to. I danced to it at the show, I really dance to anything. 4. Thunderstruck MWAM covering 80s metal band AC/DC , I’ve made so much fun of ACDC in my life. Every song is just this high pitch yelling and it makes me feel so uncomfortable.
(AC/DC cover) When MWAM played it live, I enjoyed it so much. Here’s the official video ⬇

YouTube player

5. Emotions , 6. Seven Deadly Sins 7. Tonight, Tonight 8. Dark Crow I don’t think I have ever played these songs on #iheartrock. I am aware of Seven Deadly Sins because I was watching an anime on a now defunct free anime website and the ad that popped up was the one for this anime. So funny how things happen. These songs rock tho and I am really impressed with MWAM live performance! They are super tight!! They sing good, are very musically talented and wonderful entertainers. Up next! behold the super powers in action!!
DJ & Drum Session
(Michael Jackson’s Thriller… more
Movie With a Mission
(Movie clip and sketch viewing)
was it Tokyo Tanaka driving a sports car drifting all over while Spare Rib sketched a photo of them ending up being a kawaii drawing idk it was 2 of them one had to be SR cause he is so KAWAII !!

So after jam DJ and Spare Rib had a jam they held hands, bowed, sent love and I got it on video. Jokes on me because I forgot to turn off my video. There is no visual, only audio of the movie clip which was so funny! I cut it out, if you want to hear it for some reason just leave me a message in the comment box way below.

I did get the audio of this cute monologue Jean Ken Johnny had with the audience before the acoustic set. He talked about the Red Sox with the Japanese member, and asked if we know “CHEERS” of course we do, we love 80s. It’s really sweet!! I am amazed over how well his English is!

Set 2:
1. evergreen (Acoustic) Jean Ken Johnny with his acoustic guitar was awesome!! The crowd all sang along. 2. Drums & Instrumental(again) 3.Get Off of My Way 4.Hey Now I love this song, it was very upbeat and fast! 5. Take Me Under 6.Dead End in Tokyo I am so happy they played my 2 top requested songs live. 7. Raise your flag 8.INTO THE DEEP

Kizuna no Kiseki I love this song!! I don’t watch anime, just play your anime requests. I can’t image how people feel about this. It’s pretty powerful, and Jean Ken Johnny sings #milet’s part live when she is not there.
FLY AGAIN -Hero’s Anthem- ending song of the night. It reminds me of Raise Your Flag lol , here I go getting songs confused again.

How much of a fan of MWAM am I? Been a fan for a long time 🙂
I don’t have much items of theirs, I do have a lot of songs purchased online, I bought a tshirt at the venue, I went through some things and I found this GUITAR Mazazine I bought while I was visiting Chicago at Mitsuka Marketplace 2017. Seems I stashed it away. I did notice as I was going through things , they were on the back of ‘Onagaku Gendia’ with #SixTONES on the cover.

I am so happy I finally got to see Man With A Mission!!

When are SixTONES never on the front cover of Ongaku?? I found one from last year that was sent to me. It had the ad for MWAM new album and tour.

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