Yui Ninomiya Releases Music Video for Lead Song of Upcoming Mini Concept Album “Honkai” and Opens YouTube Channel

Yui Ninomiya will be releasing a new mini concept album titled “Honkai” under the Lantis label on August 2, 2023. Today, the music video for the lead song “Heroine” was released.

“Heroine,” which was written and composed by Yui Ninomiya herself, expresses her desperate attempt to live her own story, despite her feelings of inferiority and frustration at not being the best. It serves as the epilogue of the mini-album and captures the essence of Yui Ninomiya.

The music video was directed by Hidemasa Jinguji, who also directed her previous video for “Dark seeks light.” He skillfully creates a unique worldview by depicting her desperate struggle in a faded space.

In conjunction with the release of this music video, Yui Ninomiya has opened an official YouTube channel. She will be sharing the music video for “Heroine” along with various other content there, so please look forward to it.

A mini album that highlights those who are not the heroines—the background characters. 

Yui Ninomiya depicts the emotions of the individuals who cannot become heroines or main characters.

In every drama, movie, or anime, there exist supporting characters who seldom receive any attention in the narrative. However, Yui Ninomiya gently shines a spotlight on them.

▼“Heroine” Music Video

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