MAISONdes Releases “Ketai Mishiteyo (Show Me Your Phone) feat. Hashimero, maeshima soshi” with Music Video!

MAISONdes, an “imaginary apartment building that produces the most popular music on social media today,” has achieved immense success with viral hits such as “Yowanehaki feat. Wanuka, Asmi” and “Tokyo Shandy Rendez-vous feat. KAF, Tsumiki,” amassing an astonishing 350 million streams. Today, they have unveiled their latest song, “Ketai Mishiteyo feat. Hashimero, maeshima soshi.”

Written, composed, and performed by Hashimero, with maeshima soshi in charge of the arrangement, the song boasts a catchy and upbeat melody complemented by the impactful phrase “Ketai mishiteyo!” (“Show me your phone!”), which resounds throughout the refrain. The artwork, skillfully crafted by MAISONdes illustrator NAKAKI PANTZ, and the music video, also released today, effectively capture the bitter undertones that arise when this phrase is exchanged between a man and a woman lying on a bed late at night.

â–ŒKetai Mishiteyo feat. Hashimero, maeshima soshi


Music Video:

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