Akane Kumada Digitally Releases “Another Self,” Ending Theme Song for Classroom for Heroes Anime, Along with Themed Music Video of Searching for Friends!

On July 17, the versatile voice actress/artist Akane Kumada digitally released her latest single “Another Self,” the ending theme song to the anime series Classroom for Heroes.

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While sticking to the world view of the anime, the song fully reflects Akane Kumada’s current state of mind and her understanding that facing oneself and accepting one’s weaknesses is a source of growth. With lyrics written by fellow labelmate Aira Yuuki, and composition and arrangement by Tasuku Maeda, along with the producer duo Jazzin’park, who have worked on many big hits, “Another Self” is an ambitious song with a relaxed tempo that features the latest pop sounds combined with a Lantisesque sound from the past. We hope that it catches your ears.

A music video was also released alongside the song’s digital release and is based on the theme of the anime, searching for friends. The challenging music video is modeled after a variety show in which Kumada tries to find the lost lyrics. On her journey, she encounters various people and discovers what it means to be herself. We hope you enjoy listening to the song as you watch the music video.

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