Soraru and Rib to Sing OP Theme of Migi to Dali!Collaborative Single Announced!

Soraru and Rib, two artists active on the internet music scene, are teaming up to perform “Yuumagadoki,” the opening theme song of the upcoming TV anime Migi to Dali. The two old friends have also announced that they will be releasing their first collaborative single featuring this song on October 25.
The first promotional video for the anime, which was released along with this announcement, offers a sneak peek at “Yuumagadoki.”
Migi to Dali is a tale of mischievous children by Nami Sano, who is known for the 2016 anime adaptation of Sakamoto Desu ga? This surreal comedy-suspense mystery revolves around two twin brothers, Migi and Dali, who live as a single boy and are working together to uncover the truth behind their mother’s death.
“Yuumagadoki” was crafted by the up-and-coming Vocaloid producer Niru Kajitsu. The collaborative single will also feature new songs by popular Vocaloid producers Mikito P and 40mP, who share a deep working relationship with Soraru and Rib. The Regular Edition will feature an original jacket by the popular illustrator lack, who has 700,000 followers on Twitter, while the Limited First Edition will come with an illustration by series creator Nami Sano.
First promotional video of Migi to Dali

Soraru comment:I have been given the opportunity to perform the opening theme song for the TV anime Migi to Dali! The mysteriously cool song by Niru Kajitsu blends perfectly with the surreal, slightly dark atmosphere of the anime, and I am thrilled to be able to sing it alongside Rib to enhance the overall excitement of the series. We hope you enjoy the song!
Rib comment:I am pleased to announce that I will be performing the opening theme song for the TV anime Migi to Dali. Together with my old friend Soraru, I will give my all singing the song by Niru Kajitsu, which perfectly matches the anime’s setting. I hope you will enjoy it along with the anime.

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