TRUE’s Special Edition of “Ensemble” from “Sound! Euphonium: Ensemble Contest” Song and Music Video Official Release!

Renowned anime singer TRUE released their special edition of the “Sound! Euphonium: Ensemble Contest” theme song “Ensemble” on Friday, August 4th.

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The 4th main theme in the “Sound! Euphonium” series was composed by Takuya Watanabe of “Soundscape” fame. “Eupho” themes thus far have been upbeat toe-tappers, but this song is a gentle and affirming mid-tempo ballad that supports all those who are working hard towards their dreams. It is also the first to include a string arrangement, which only serves to enhance TRUE’s warm, majestic lyrics. The song is wonderful on its own, of course, but has so much more impact when paired with the movie. Please experience it for yourself in theaters! A music video for the song has also been released. Blackboard style animation works in concert with real photographs and rotoscoping to depict the hills and valleys of everyday life. The smallest things during our time as students could have sent us over the moon or plunged us into the darkest depths. Although this video focuses on student life, it was designed to give those of us who have graduated a chance to reflect on those days and our current selves in a new light.

▼Watch the video here▼

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