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Greetings! Just a quick update, #iheartjrock, will not be live this week. We are taking a break from the studio and will be catching up on uploading previous #IHEARTJROCK and #SAKURAUNDERGROUND; this fund drive was stressful this year. Thanks to all those who have donated, or sent gifts, or tuned in, or shared the social media posts, or passed the word to family friends and co-workers. We have reached our goal this year, and have already started the process of upgrading! Again!

Some graphics DJSAKURA666 created for the fund drive. There are a lot more and some mp4/gifs

We won’t really be taking requests this week, but if you send them it will mostly be played on the next broadcast.

Next broadcast will be DEC 2nd 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA ; we will be celebrating Taiga from #SixTONES again this year! Feel free to leave a birthday wish on the webpage ; I’m thinking playing some MR Children , Macaroni Pencil, Maximum the Hormone and Bowie !

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