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#iheartjrock Halloween requests page!!

Halloween is coming, and we are planning a special show!

We love Halloween on #iheartjrock, DJ Sakura666 loves to dress in costumer. Here are past photos !

Have a favorite song related to Halloween you would like aired during the night. We will go live with requests the Saturday before 10/28 10PM EST

We will have 3 hours of spooky songs to celebrate the night! Send in your requests and we will play them. We are looking for songs that have the words “halloween” “bats” “scary” “spooky” “monster” “zombie” “dead” “magic” “black” “darkness” “vampire” “ghost” “moon” the list is endless, anything dark and scary is also cool.

Just add a song under “Do the Thing” below and hit Send! We will be taking requests up until Oct 27th so you can keep coming back for more. Approved requests will be listed below also. So keep that in mind. If you have a regular song from BE:First or Travis Japan please do to the regular –> request page <–. We only want #Arashi Monster, Halloween Party, and lynch. Devil type songs, jpop and jrock, also ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ is a great example of Halloween songs from the #80s.

81 thoughts on “#iheartjrock Halloween requests page!!

  1. Hi ! Sakura-san

    My requests for Halloween

    Pretty Phantom by .ENDRECHERI.

    Always Thank you!!

    1. Hi, DJ Sakura!
      Happy Halloween ğŸŽƒ
      Thank you for always playing ARASHI songs!

      I would like to request “Dance in the dark”
      by ARASHI @arashi5official ,please!

  2. ğŸŽƒHi Sakura-san

    ğŸŽ‰Happy Halloween ğŸŽƒ

    依存BEAT from .ENDRECHERI.
    Pretty Phantom from .ENDRECHERI.

    Always Thank you😊

  3. Hi DJ Sakura
    I ‘d love to request
    It woud be geat time to hear this song during the Halloween month.
    Thank you so much

    20mbie song「依存BEAT」

  5. #ENDRECHERIリクエスト
    .ENDRECHERI.20mbie song

  6. Hi! DJ Sakura🌸
    Happy Halloween Month ğŸŽƒğŸ‘»ğŸŽ‰
    I’d like to request “Arabian Nights” by Will Smith.
    I love this Disney movie “Aladdin”.
    The lyrics included “darkness” and “moon”.
    Thank you very much☺️


    Thank you as always❤️

  8. Hi, DJ Sakura san✨
    I would like to request
    🦇 Devil Side by VAMPS
    🦇 Ghost Heart by LM.C
    Thank you so much for your support for Japanese music as alwaysğŸ’žã€€

  9. Hello Sakura san😍
    Happy Halloween ğŸŽƒ
    I’ll be a black cat this year.
    So I’d like to request
    #SixTONES Cat Call🐈‍⬛
    Thank you for ur supporting!

  10. 依存BEAT by .ENDRECHERI.

  11. 日本よいとこ摩訶不思議 covered by 嵐
    (Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi covered by ARASHI)

  12. 依存BEAT by .ENDRECHERI.

  13. Hi DJ Sakura

    Happy Halloween!!ğŸŽƒğŸŽƒğŸŽƒ

    I ‘d love to request
    World needs to listen this song .
    We need to BEAT ZOMBIES in our heart.
    Let’s BEAT ZOMBIES !!!!
    Let’s BEAT ZOMBIES !!!!


    Thank you 💕💕

  14. 依存BEAT by .ENDRECHERI.


  15. Hi DJ Sakura san! I’d like to request “OMEN” by Repezen Foxx
    Band has two types about “OMEN” and I am requesting the English ver.
    that has the words “monster” and “darkness”!
    You’ll like it because it’s dark and scary😱
    Thank you for always playing Japanese songs including Repezen Foxx’s!!!!!

  16. Hi Sakura san
    Happy Halloween ğŸŽƒ
    I’d love to request
    SixTONES Cat CallğŸ’Ž
    I hope they’ll reveal their live movie
    just on October 31stğŸŽƒ

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