#iheartjrock is on tonight!

Tune in tonight for another #iheartjrock w/DJ Sakura and DJ Silent! We will closing out the fund drive tonight with tracks off the new MUCC album , some tribute to birthday boys #Jesse , #Hokuto #Juri from #SixTONES who all celebrate their birthdays this month. Also some belated birthday wishes to Uruha and Ruka, DJ Silent will also have a song to share with you too.

For those who donate $10 or more can get a few tshirts(limited sizes) or some fancy #jrock stuff , disregard all that typing stuff, i’d be grateful to gift anything anyone donates.
Donate at valleyfreeradio.org/donate

It’s Fall Fund Drive at Valley Free Radio !!

Grettings #jrockers !!
This is you’re midweek reminder that #iheartjrock is on
Sat 10p EDT on 103.3FM WXOJLP Northampton ma usa streaming on valleyfreeradio.org
If you haven’t noticed this is FALL FUND DRIVE for the radio station and it would be nice if our listeners donated a few dollars.
We are a non commercial radio station and the only way we get our funds is through local businesses underwriting us or our listeners, friends, and family.
This year if we get 103 individual donations we would get an extra $1000 from the Dow Estate which is really nice of them.
So listeners, just asking for a few dollars this week.
It would be awesome.

You can donate online at valleyfreeradio.org/donate

and don’t forget to tune into #iheartjrock for music from #JAPAN

i have extra hyde flyers to those who donate too 🙂