Legendary guitarist Miyavi

Miyavi’s business is J-Glam INC

Legendary guitarist Miyavi never stops working. Ever. I believe he works in his sleep, or he just never sleeps. He has put out 1 album every year since 2015.

2015 The Others 

2016 Fire Bird

2017 Samurai Sessions vol 2

2018 Samurai Sessions vol 3

2019 No Sleep Til Tokyo

2020 Holy Nights 4/22 

not to mention, he’s been touring the globe non-stop. He is also is making movies,working with other musical artists, he models.he even helps with refugees. He is also a great father of 2 girls, and has a super awesome wife, who was in the music business before their marriage. 

In 2 months Miyavi will be releasing his 13th studio album called ‘Holy Night’ and #iheartjrock is eagerly awaiting it’s release! Big love and support to the Samurai guitarist who keeps going and going ! 

Lead singer from Heavensdust, releases new music, video and more!

Metal band #Heavensdust have been around for 20 years this year. Front man Shin, is continuing his journey, solo with an upcoming EP being released in early March. His new video ‘I’ll be there’ is a sweet light, experimental, acoustic number with shots of him and his child reassuring him we will be there. Surprised by a sample nearing the end of the song. #iheartjrock has been a big fan of #Heavensdust and Shin since before #iheartjrock was a thing. Wish Shin all the best to his new EP.

KAZ updated his instagram

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骨、頑張ってますから🦴🦴 暑くなってきたからみんな

Google translate:
I’m worried about you.
Bones, because I’m working hard
Please take care of your physical condition, etc.

Monitor google translate : Waiting for a little more ZZ I’m taking calcium


K.A.Z. posted an update on his instagram. So happy to receive an update.