Oblivion Dust share information on the selling of their new coffee, they have collaberated with Cafe Saudade and have only 3 flavors at this time. KaZ , KEN , and RIKIJI . Wonder what they taste like?!?! ☕🎶🤘

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OBLIVION DUST×Cafe Saudade コラボコーヒー発売決定✨

厳選された最高級ランクの豆を提供する“Cafe Saudade”とOBLIVION DUSTのコラボが実現!
メンバープロデュースのオリジナルブレンド「OBLIVION DUST COFFEE」を期間限定で販売します♪





ALLセット(1ドリップ(5個入り)全5種入り+オリジナルバッグ) :¥6,500


詳しくは、OBLIVION DUST HPよりご確認ください💁‍♀️



Questions for the boys


OBLIVION DUST COFFEE Question/Answer NO.1 What are the key points of blending members? KEN I usually drink coffee that has a slightly sweet scent, but it is not my preference to be too sweet, so the point was to adjust the sweetness that does not interfere with the taste of coffee. With the proper blending of K.A.Z beans, I think that it has a pleasant taste! RIKIJL I asked for a scent and taste similar to what I usually drink.

Konnichiwa #jrockers !! #iheartjrock is on tonight at 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA streaming on valleyfreeradio.org
My first show from home, i haven’t made a show this way in a long time, hope you enjoy.. there are alot of older jrock tunes and nothing from DJ Silent this week. We will be back to normal next week.
Thanks for tuning in and sharing love of #jrock

According to all their social media accounts, we will be able to watch from the comfy homes, I’m always in my bed when i watch youtube, so lets strap in and enjoy! Ill be in the chat, if there is one 🤣

Last minute announcement: Backstage Documentary and Behind Doors Live Concert to be live streamed from KT Zepp Yokohama!
DIR EN GREY has just announced that a special live streaming will be broadcasted on March 28th (Sat.) 2020 on the band’s official YouTube Channel.
The title for this broadcasting is 「The World You Live In」and it will be streamed live from KT Zepp Yokohama: starting from 14:30, it will bring you into the backstage of a DIR EN GREY show, while it will bring you a behind doors live concert from 19:00 (Japanese time zone).
「The World You Live In」
Date and time: March 28th (Sat.) 14:30〜20:30 JST
(*)Time schedule may change
Where to watch: Official YouTube Channel
14:30~ Backstage Documentary
19:00~ Live Concert (behind closed doors)
◇Talk Room MC:
◇Main MC:
You Masuda

It took me a long time to create this. I have binged on DIR EN GREY for the past few months and I love them so much. I was always aware of who DIR EN GREY where, but I have never been this involved with their music. I forced myself to listen to each album. I forced myself to learn and follow all the members of the band on every social media platform i could find. (it was just so hard to do XD ) I played blocks of DIR EN GREY since the announcement they were coming to NYC. Each week I listened to the albums and picked the songs for my show. I started with their first album, i played all the discographies I could find. Even when their new single came out ‘ The World of Mercy’ I played the whole 10 minute long song. I even played it a few times of on my show. I listen to it all the time. I am even listening to it as i type this.

Toyisha is my favorite. He is an amazing bass player. As for social media, I think his clothing line D.I.R.T. is the only thing
D.I.E. is on guitars. He is very talented guitarist and is very nice to look at. He is sadly not on social media. I think the internet would melt.
Kyo (ko) vocals he is the bestest singer ever. I make sure to check his inta and twitter all the time. He is also the singer of Sukekiyo who are amazing they have synthesizers. I hope they come to america too)
Kaoru another amazing guitarist. You can follow him now on instagram.
Finally Shinya, the drummer who is quiet the comedian. Photos of him on the tour in a freezer, in a hoodie, and when is not buzy touring he goes and plays video games on his channel.

Japanese metal band Crystal Lake video for their song ‘Devilcry’ #iheartjrock played this song a few weeks back. So happy to see a video for it. Love this song so much.

Speaking of Crystal Lake, don’t forget Crystal Lake are coming to the area in 1 month! They are supporting Fit for a King, Chelsea Grin and Alpha Wolf, this area of the valley is known for their love of metal, metalcore, hardcore so it will be sold out soon!

Metal band #Heavensdust have been around for 20 years this year. Front man Shin, is continuing his journey, solo with an upcoming EP being released in early March. His new video ‘I’ll be there’ is a sweet light, experimental, acoustic number with shots of him and his child reassuring him we will be there. Surprised by a sample nearing the end of the song. #iheartjrock has been a big fan of #Heavensdust and Shin since before #iheartjrock was a thing. Wish Shin all the best to his new EP.


『18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576』regular ticket sale has started today.
This concert will be held at “Musashino Forest Sport Plaza” on March 10th (Tue). Moreover, the latest artist visual has revealed also!

Less than a month left till this big event. Let’s make the event wonderful together with the GazettE!

[DATE] 2020.March.10th(Tue)
[VENUE] Musashino Forest Sport Plaza Main arena
[OPEN/START] 5:30PM/6:30PM
[TICKET] Advance ¥8,000(plus TAX) *this ticket for a seated
※Ticket required for a age 3 and older. Service fees are not included.

《Ticket sale information》
Ticket sale:February 15th (Sat) 10:00〜
※The ticket sale ends when planed numbers of tickets sold out.
※See the detail at Ticket information WEB site page.

■Ticket PIA
■Rakuten Tickt

This event special page▼

Buck-Tick will be releasing a new single in 2020. It will be called, ‘Fallen Angel’. Releasing Wed 1/29.

Last year, No 0 was released world wide and available on streaming services for the whole world to listen to! #iheartjrock was so happy to play Babel, Moon , Ophilia, ignite, over the airwaves in the pioneer valley, also streaming on valleyfreeradio.org !

Then one after the other Buck Tick releases appeared on Spotify for out listening pleasure.

Who ever said ‘Rock is dead’ is simple minded and uncreative. This band has been around for 30+ years and still rockin’ along with several other rock bands I play weekly on #iheartjrock.

Tune in Sat 10p est on 103.3fm wxojlp northampton streaming on valleyfreeradio

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