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This week we are celebrating our favorite #jrock #guitarist KAZ from #VAMPS and #OblivionDust playing bands he has appeared in and reading birthday wishes/get well soon messages on the air, and also posting them to iheartjrock.wordpress.com
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#iheartjrock is on tonight!

Please join me tonight for another live #iheartjrock on 103.3fm wxojlp northampton also streaming on valleyfreeradio.org ! Still playing DIR EN GREY , this time a few tracks off their remix album , KAI also a few other remixes of your fav jrock songs, some new music from SID , LUNA SEA , and Loka , plus other great things tonight !

DIR EN GREY are coming !!
Luna Sea cover song for
Gundam the Origin
Beyond the Time : Mobius no Sora wo Koete 🤘
SID released new album Sept 4 called
‘Need For Approval’


Sorry, but there will not be a new #iheartjrock this week . DjSakura is going away for the weekend. There will be an old show up to listen to.

#iheartjrock will be back on 7/20 for more #newmusic , #requests #birthday wishes and more!

Also please check out these shows for more #music from #Japan ! #rock #alternative , #punk , #noise #indie and so much more.

Japan Jukebox, https://www.krvs.org/post/japan-jukebox-july-9-2019

Abstract Japan

Old #iheartjrock at


We’ll rock next week 🤘🎶🎸


#iheartjrock band spotlight !!

It’s been 11 years since they formed. They are unfortunately on hiatus since the end of 2017. One member of the band became overly sucessful on his solo career, and the other is recovering from a snowboard accident. The band I am writing about tonight is VAMPS , and if you do not know who they are. Then this post will catch you up.

and if you know of them, then you can look at pretty pictures !

That’s Kaz biting Hyde.. they are Vamps
Jin (keys), Juken, (ba) , Kaz (g), Arly in back (dr) Hyde(s,g)
Vamps sold out stadiums all over Japan
Jin wears a mask or hides behind a curtain. I saw him in Boston as he was walking to his bus. I said Hi and he said Hi back.
Juken is crazy , but in a good way.
Jukrn peeking around Hyde
Once I met K.A.Z it was never the same ever again. Thank you I am so happy to have met you.
VAMPS like to drink

arly and juken
They used to have these awesome halloween parties with the other jrock bands. Each year they had amazing costumes. Halloween Party it was called.
I just want to say I miss VAMPS I saw them 5 times. They were amazing each time. I dance and screamed. I got to touch Hyde’s hand in Baltimore!

Check out vampsxxx.com for more info.

Thanks for checking out this page #BLOODSUCKER !

I💔JROCK reviews HYDE Cambridge MA 5/17

Warning: My photos of the live are not the greatest, I am very sorry. My GIFS are not so bad, the sound on the live is not very good.

Arrived at the venue around 7:40p to find that the doors were not opened and we would be in a long line that went down MASS Ave. We were in front of a vegan burger bar that looked really interesting called Veggie Galaxy. Will have to try it the next time I am in town. There are a lot of people asking that questions about the line. Every one says it’s a singer from Japan. The questioners then walk away.

Doors open at 8 , our line is moving and we are in front of 2 buses! I thought there was an opening band, but not. The club next door had a concert also. Hyde’s bus is behind it.

I took a photo at the end of the show on the way to the car. Thank you so much for coming back to Cambridge. MID EAST seems to be a place he must have enjoyed to come back to. I have seen a bunch of bands here in the past, Legendary Pink Dots, Hovercraft, Add N To X, adult. shellac , dead voices on air, trans am, and 2 years ago VAMPS!! also the club next door was called ‘TT the Bears’ and saw a lot of awesome bands there too. anyways

We are in and the line for the merch is so long. I go to the bar for a drink and wait for my friend to text me when she is here. The place is getting busy, there is a huge mural and a lot of people are taking selfies in front of it. sorry I got no photo of it. I am so bad at selfies.

My friend arrives in the city and we go outside to meet her. We stand next to Hyde’s bus for a few minutes. While waiting for my friend the line for the merch just disappeared and I got to purchase so much of Hyde’s merch!!

My friend and I make our way to the stage and there is a big dude with a camera on the stage and another dude with a selfie stick that is pointed at the stage. these guys are big an annoying, I see there are a few girls standing on a bench behind us and it’s actually a real nice spot. My friend and I jump up and the show begins!!

Here he comes

Hyde started off the show with Fake Devine. All the members came out one by one in masks and coveralls. Himself came out in a hooded trench coat with a mask that only hid half his face. The walls in the background where spray painted neon colors, and the on back of the the bass player’s Ali(IMOCD , MONORAL, radio personality too) jumper said ‘NEOTOKYO’ I didn’t get a very good view of the guitarist, Pablo(Fake? , Lisa, Polpo) or the drummer, Natsu(Nocturnal Bloodlust) sadly. Fake Divine, was released around Halloween last year. It was loud and fast and heavy. This is not one of my favorite songs that he put out, but it sounded so good live and the chorus just catches you and you find yourself screaming along. “I’m fighting to stay, I’m fighting to stay, I’m gonna fake divine, And save myself this time” 
After Light came up right after Fake Divine , this is my favorite song! I was so excited to hear it live. Hyde’s head was banging up and down to the music, There was a woman who i didn’t know who stood next to me on the bench rocking to it too. This is the first appearance of the megaphone. Up next was VAMPS inside of me. Made me miss KAZ so much. Megaphone came out again. 

Two Face. Out. Set In Stone. & Don’t Hold Back. There was a noisy synth jam before one of these songs, or maybe it was before Zipang, I cannot remember, but i do remember the keyboard player jamming and making interesting sounds with his synthesizer in between songs. I am not too familiar with these songs, I’ve only listened to the album in full 2 times, I’ve played Set in Stone and Don’t Hold Back once on iheart but because of the explicit lyrics I try not to play music with f-bombs, sometimes, I adult and it is overlooked. Jrock bands are just so naughty Zipang , Everyone wanted to hear the Japanese version of this song, including myself, but it was still beautiful,  wished Yoshiki was there playing the piano. Maybe in the future, they will play in NYC. 
I am not sure at what time they stopped playing and started speaking. Ali was speaking in a high pitch little girls voice and also spitting all over the place (ew) he mentioned they were touring this summer with In This Moment and to check them out. Hyde was walking around in circles on stage. He then also started to speak and his voice so soft and feminine, just the cutest and his English has gotten a lot better!  
Who’s Gonna Save Us was up next more screaming clapping and headbanging. Lion was after, I thought this was an older Hyde song that i had not ever heard, but apparently it is new and I still have never heard it. Bad DJ Sakura! 
The music for Underworld starts Hyde made us all scream our heads off. And said louder when we were done. I have never yelled so hard , I was coughing, sweating, and screaming like a maniac. “YEAH !! YEAH !! YEAH !! YEAH !! TAKE ME TO THE UNDERWORLD !! again shocked to hear him do another VAMPS song. I loved it, it did make me miss the rest of the band Kaz and Juken, and Arly and Jin(even tho he was hidden) Juken almost hit his head on the ceiling a few times. The MID East Club has a low ceiling and tall people have a disadvantage. Also made me think about the interview IHEARTJROCK had 2 years ago at the very same venue in the bus. We had asked “where is the underworld’ and Hyde answered, ‘Everywhere!’ Still enjoyable, arms flailing everywhere, bodies moving side to side. 
There is another break in the music. Hyde is saying Cambridge and everyone is yelling. So happy he came back to MIDEASTCLUB. The place was pretty packed and I had heard it was sold out, but I think there were more at this show then the VAMPS show 2 years before. There were a lot of females!! lol we love our Hyde. 
At this time, he made everyone sit down. We were screaming and clapping and sitting. Then he made us , jump up and clap. Me being on a wooden bench with a bunch of other people, I didn’t jump, i did clap scream and get up from my sitting position to rock to the next song, which is also another favorite of mine. The synth line from the intro to Another Moment played and we all ‘whooooo-oooohhhh’  Sick was next explicit lyrics what is with jrockers dropping f-bombs?? Our poor little radio station can get into some serious fines.

Then there is Mad Qualia , still have yet to hear this song while playing DMC5 , but I still enjoy listening to it in my car on my way to work most days, or on the way home from work with the windows down. This version live was also great! 
Mad Qualia ended and abruptly started into Midnight Celebration II . I was super excited. I screamed to my friend “YAY Midnight Celebration while clapping and yelling.. (lol. I’m so easily amused.) Then they went off stage. Still on the bench, my friend starts to scream for them to come back and do an encore. The crowd joins in, someone is screaming ‘HYDE’ no one leaves, the band come back to the stage and again i miss Natsu entering! Hyde says a few words and tells the crowd to turn on their flashlights. 
The song that ended the evening was ‘Ordinary World’ the phones lit up the dark basement of the MIDEASTCLUB. All the lights were turned off but could see, everyone held their phones up in the air and swayed back and forth. I could sing along to this one because I remember it since I was a kid!! It was a rockin cover. I got video of it, and I loved when he lifted his arms up. 
They ended the show and everyone cleared the stage. Few people remind in front of the stage to take selfies, I got a few photos of the stage, and i tried to take a photo of the pedals Ali had but it was all blurry. My phone really sucks at taking photos indoors. 
We exit the bar and meet the rest of the party outside. We are talking and I look over and see Natsu standing outside talking to a photographer smoking a cigarette. 🙂 I took a photo, but it did not come out at all. I had to go and could not stay to meet anyone. :”””< 
Until next time, Hyde had said “See you soon” so hopefully I will be able to see him again soon. 
Hyde’s performance at the MIDEASTCLUB on 5/17 is 10000000 or 5 broken IHEARTJROCK hearts


This is a photo from after the show, how can you play synths like this?

I was upset again because I could not see Natsu, the drummer. I did see him outside the venue after the show tho. Ali from Monoral and IMOCD on bass and Pablo on guitar, Hiroko on keys.

My phone sucks, sorry these photos. Best I could do. I was on a bench not to far from the stage. More interested in the live then taking a beautiful photo.

my merch, i bought a t shirt, stickers, magazine and bag photos from the magazine.

The booklet!!!

My gifs. I hope you like.

– DJ Sakura666

I💔JROCK is on tonight!

Greetings! It’s Saturday which means another
I💔JROCK is on tonight!!

I have tons of music to share with you tonight, i have #newmusic from Breakerz / Hyde / Sukekiyo / my last block of The Gazette for a little bit, also have a tribute to Hide– ちゃん . some requests and also more! The music starts at 10pm ES on 103.3fm wxoj-lp northampton ma usa also streaming on valleyfreeradio.org

Keep an eye on my twitter to see my tweets of what I am playing and a link to listen to it online.

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sukekiyo graces us with videos this morning

Woke this morning with 3 notifications from sukekiyo’s youtube channel!

First a teaser video for ただ まだ 私(just, still, i)

Then radio edit for the song Waizatsu’ shicho(contamination)

Radio preview for Tada Mada Watashi

All these and more will appear on upcoming 3 disc audio and video compilation called INFINITUM released May 24th.

sukekiyo-official.jp for more info

check out #iheartjrock this saturday to listen and enjoy!! 103.3fm wxoj-lp northamptona ma usa streaming on valleyfreeradio.org


Atom on Sphere are a super-group of talented musicians from other talented bands of many genres in Japan. It’s been years since AOS has put out their first self titled album. I only heard of them recently, 2016 so the wait hasn’t been as long for me as it has to some hardcore fans. I did fall in love with the music right away because it was so like the music I grew up listening to, I love the 303 in Goodnight Blue, rave vibes …I listened to it a lot when I was at the gym. Over and over. I did put it away for a while and didn’t really think anything was going to happen to this project. I moved on and then all of a sudden there was this anouncement of shows, then of new music. Surprise a new song with a video to go with it. I was totally so happy! then another great song and then an album. All availible for me to purchase. Now I can review it as well as I can. This will be the first review of any music by DJ SAKURA666

Butcher’s Maze

There is a loud synth wail and I am reminded of The Prodigy. Not in a rip off way, but a nice tribute to them. Ken starts to sing and I am transported to 1999, he sounds like a brit pop singer its just so lovely. We go round and round and round and round and it is so catchy, the music is loud, Ken’s voice gets louder and angry. I find myself singing ’round and round and round’ during they day, not sure if Butcher’s Maze is even mentioned in the song, but I enjoy it so much!


This is my favorite song on this album. Song starts out really slow, nice synth melody and Ken’s voice is soft and sweet. The song begins and we are chanting “Dead Battery ruins everybody’s soul” over and over and the funky bass line a long with the synthesized horns leave the listening in a world of bliss. I love this song a lot. It makes me happy, it makes me move at the gym.


New Order ‘blue monday’ intro, and a sample from 90s electronic band Pop Will Eat Itself ‘Can you dig it’ along with neo- electro dance music, and lyrics about sexy people, being sexy. This song is a classic electronica tune from the 90s that never was. Ken Lloyd sings ‘void’ my life is complete! 🕊

Love Like I do


I am reminiscent of an old brit pop groups nice dreamy vocals and synthesizers, with some lyrics that make me wonder. I would like to read the lyrics to this song if possible. I’m confused as to why it is explicit….maybe…

Got to say tho the drums at the end of the song are really strong.

Kick the Habit

Another sexy tune..This song is the most ‘rock’ on the album. The chorus ‘feel better’ loops causing a wall of noise ‘kick the habit…’ i like this one a lot. There are a ton of layers, ken voice, guitars, more noise 😁


Into reminds me of Yazoo! The vocal effects remind me industrial bands like Skinny Puppy and 3teeth. Nice synth lines, bass guitar seems synthesized, is that real drums?


My Cure

Is this Atom on Sphere? The most un-atom on sphere on the album, sexy, funky, feeling like you are in a loungy bar getting your drink on. Love it!

This is the song with honey reference, like old jrock songs

Secret Life of Mine

The most pop song on the album. Catchy chorus, great bassline, guitar songs like a synth, and the drums light and airy. When i listen i feel like I am watching an intro to an anime. Also reminds me of the theme to Big Bang Theory..lol

People and everything is always moving forward, this life, past life, the next life, you choose your life, you bring your baggage wether it is known or unknown with you through time, and if it is meant to be the universe will work to bring everything together like it was always meant to be.


Ken’s voice sounds like Emperor Steel of EOS when he sings the chorus. The guitars are very airy, synthesizer shooshing and bass wobbling, drums are putting it all together. 1st of the power ballads on the album.


The last song on the album. It is the prettiest. It is a slow power ballad with beautiful lyrics and it just makes you want to grab a tissue and sob into it. A love song, a lonely song, Ken’s voice howls HOME and i feel his pain. The synths remind me of when i has a middle high school dance.

Got to getaway 🥀

This is a great ending to a great album. This is the ear candy my brain needed. I love all type of music, I def put this up on top of my list !  Give it a listen !!

I give it 5 iheartjrock broken hearts !


Atom on Sphere’s official website

Atom On Sphere on Spotify

Secret Life of Mine on iTunes

Atom on Sphere instagram

Atom On Sphere official YouTube channel

Atom On Sphere facebook page

my gif, sorry , but it’s awesome

Tune in tonight for an all new #iheartjrock !!

It’s #jrock Saturday which means #iheartjrock will be on tonight to get your 2 hour jrock fix on !! Of course I’ll be playing the new single from Hyde Zipang which features Yoshiki , and also his over song of Ordinary World, original done by Duran Duran !! ALso new music from Vivarush , Cold Rain , NOISEMAKER , and block of The Gazette , double Akihide and so much more!

The music starts at 10pm est on 103.3fm WXOJ-LP Noho MA USA streaming on valleyfreeradio.org


WMASS is going to be hit with it’s first winterstorm of the year this Saturday night. SO this week I have a block of old 80s jpop songs that just reminded me of the summertime which i miss so much!! Still doing the block of The Gazette, i just have a lot of music to share, there is new Miyavi also but if the storm is really bad I might not be able to do the show this week.

There are a lot of past shows up on mixcloud.com/iheartjrock

this one is one of my new favs!