Greetings #jrockers !! It’s been some time since I have updated I do apologize for the lack of updates.
So first thing, It was Taiga from #SixTONES birthday on 12/3 so we will be playing some requests, also going to try to play the 1st song off the 1st album from the website. Sound day as mentioned on their website. It supposed to be on at 6 minutes after 10pm tonight.
Also Esprit d’air released a new song and Kai will let me play it on the air !!
Also have 2s!! 2 songs from HYDE , and AKIHIDE.
Please join DJ Silent and DJ Sakura from 10pm est until midnight playing music from #japan and more!

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気が張ったら音楽聴いたり、映画観たり、自然を感じたり…… 今回、自分なりにみんなに癒しを与えられたら……と思って
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Naoki drummer withdrawing

~Drum.直樹-naoki- 脱退のお知らせ~

Drum.直樹-naoki- 脱退のお知らせ~






Jelly Records








Drum.Naoki-naoki- Withdrawal Notice ~
Thank you for always supporting DEXCORE.

It will be a very urgent notice,
We are pleased to announce that Drum. Naoki -naoki- has withdrawn.
We sincerely apologize to all of you who support us on a daily basis for sudden news.

The reason for the withdrawal was largely due to differences in the direction of music and bands as they headed for the album production.

Current members will be active until February 29.
It will be one live left because of a sudden situation, but I hope you can watch it.

While we just announced the album release and delivered a new work,
I think that there may be concerns and inconvenience to everyone who support us and related people, but DEXCORE will continue to work without stopping to deliver wonderful music without change We look forward to your continued support.

Jelly Records

The reason for the withdrawal was announced as official.

I thank those who supported me from the beginning, those who met and liked DEXCORE in some places, and everyone who supported me. At the same time, I’m sorry that I couldn’t see the scenery ahead.

The word direction may also seem to be a common reason for withdrawal and dissolution.
But because of the differences in musicality, the way of thinking, and all things end up in different directions, I can’t find the best words.
It may be selfish to not tell everyone who is cheering, but in the end it is something that only members can understand.
It doesn’t mean you’re scorning your fans.

I myself haven’t really thought anything about this in the future, but I think I’ll be able to meet you somewhere again.
I would be happy if you could support me at that time.

Thank you very much.


I have played very limited song by Dexcore because of their use of #fbombs, but i do listen to them at the gym and i hope for the best for them.


The new jacket art and an official trailer from the new live Blu-ray&DVD『LIVE IN NEW YORK&WORLD TOUR19 DOCUMENTARY THE NINTH [99.999]』has been revealed!
See details on the special site▼

Trailer movie

It took me a long time to create this. I have binged on DIR EN GREY for the past few months and I love them so much. I was always aware of who DIR EN GREY where, but I have never been this involved with their music. I forced myself to listen to each album. I forced myself to learn and follow all the members of the band on every social media platform i could find. (it was just so hard to do XD ) I played blocks of DIR EN GREY since the announcement they were coming to NYC. Each week I listened to the albums and picked the songs for my show. I started with their first album, i played all the discographies I could find. Even when their new single came out ‘ The World of Mercy’ I played the whole 10 minute long song. I even played it a few times of on my show. I listen to it all the time. I am even listening to it as i type this.

Toyisha is my favorite. He is an amazing bass player. As for social media, I think his clothing line D.I.R.T. is the only thing
D.I.E. is on guitars. He is very talented guitarist and is very nice to look at. He is sadly not on social media. I think the internet would melt.
Kyo (ko) vocals he is the bestest singer ever. I make sure to check his inta and twitter all the time. He is also the singer of Sukekiyo who are amazing they have synthesizers. I hope they come to america too)
Kaoru another amazing guitarist. You can follow him now on instagram.
Finally Shinya, the drummer who is quiet the comedian. Photos of him on the tour in a freezer, in a hoodie, and when is not buzy touring he goes and plays video games on his channel.

The new jacket art and an official trailer from the new live Blu-ray&DVD『LIVE TOUR18-19 THE NINTH / FINAL「第九」LIVE AT 09.23 YOKOHAMA ARENA』has been revealed!
See details on the special site▼

If you were tuned into #iheartjrock last year at this time, you’d remember all the blocks of them I played prior to their performance in NYC last May. #iheartjrock loves The Gazette so much.

Preview trailer of the live dvd

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