Greetings #jrockers ! It’s finally #iheartjrock Saturday, please tune in tonight at 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA streaming on
2 hours of music from Japan!
New #jrock , new #jrock some #jpop #vk #anime and of course a block of #SixTONES with a preview of their upcoming single #NEWERA which appeared in the new #anime Yashahime Half Demon Princess !!
It is OCTOBER so we will be playing Halloween Party alot and next week is K.A.Z’s birthday, don’t forget to send Birthday wishes !!!

Greetings #jrockers!! It’s Humpday , and let me remind you every Saturday nights, i host a radio show that plays 2 hours of music from #JAPAN , sometimes more! But it’s mostly old #jrock and new #jpop and some other funky music from #japan

K.A.Z guitarist for #obliviondust and #vamps has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and I will be doing my special show for him again this year. I started 2 years ago getting photos and birthday wishes from fans and read them on the air and also made a fan video for him. Video below.

Please send birthday wishes, I will read them on, or post / photo’s videos to my instragram account for him to see.


This week on #iheartjrock , more #SixTONES goodness, DJ Silent and myself sat and added somethings together we want to share. new #jrock old #jrock and more!

Seems our K.A.Z. is making EDM music to get you into a happier spirit. So happy he is making music. I am glad he shares it with his fans. please check out his website and subscribe to his youtube page.

From K.A.Z.




It’s a different feel then last year of entering the rainy season but how is everyone doing with their health?
In a few months, summer will be here
🕶🌞 I’ve created a EDM song that will hopefully make everyone happy and can listen outside in the summer
It’s a flowing tempo though it brings the mood ⤴️🎶 Gonna give you a sneak peak
I’m praying that a peaceful world will come along

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気が張ったら音楽聴いたり、映画観たり、自然を感じたり…… 今回、自分なりにみんなに癒しを与えられたら……と思って
本日5/29 18:00

K.A.Z official Webサイト


greetings #jrockers !!  It’s your mid-week reminder that #iheartjrock is on Saturday 10pm est on 103.3fm wxoj-lp northampton streaming on
This week we are celebrating our favorite #jrock #guitarist KAZ from #VAMPS and #OblivionDust playing bands he has appeared in and reading birthday wishes/get well soon messages on the air, and also posting them to
Still have time to send something for KAZ you can send me an or dm on all forms of social medias djsakura666
Thanks for all who have submitted so far, and also for the fans who helped last year!!  

It’s been 11 years since they formed. They are unfortunately on hiatus since the end of 2017. One member of the band became overly sucessful on his solo career, and the other is recovering from a snowboard accident. The band I am writing about tonight is VAMPS , and if you do not know who they are. Then this post will catch you up.

and if you know of them, then you can look at pretty pictures !

That’s Kaz biting Hyde.. they are Vamps
Jin (keys), Juken, (ba) , Kaz (g), Arly in back (dr) Hyde(s,g)
Vamps sold out stadiums all over Japan
Jin wears a mask or hides behind a curtain. I saw him in Boston as he was walking to his bus. I said Hi and he said Hi back.
Juken is crazy , but in a good way.
Jukrn peeking around Hyde
Once I met K.A.Z it was never the same ever again. Thank you I am so happy to have met you.
VAMPS like to drink

arly and juken
They used to have these awesome halloween parties with the other jrock bands. Each year they had amazing costumes. Halloween Party it was called.
I just want to say I miss VAMPS I saw them 5 times. They were amazing each time. I dance and screamed. I got to touch Hyde’s hand in Baltimore!

Check out for more info.

Thanks for checking out this page #BLOODSUCKER !

Waiting for a little more ZZ Kussane calcium intake I'm preparing for the lower

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骨、頑張ってますから🦴🦴 暑くなってきたからみんな

Google translate:
I’m worried about you.
Bones, because I’m working hard
Please take care of your physical condition, etc.

Monitor google translate : Waiting for a little more ZZ I’m taking calcium


K.A.Z. posted an update on his instagram. So happy to receive an update.

The background music are sounds off of Oblivion Dust’s Butterfly Head album.

1 Summer Party BREAKERZ

2 Spell Magic Acid Black Cherry

3 Sparkling of Light The Molice

4 Fire Bird MIYAVI

5 Doubt The Novembers

6 Vanilla Boris

Boris’ wide-ranging Attention Please comes out May 24.

7 Promotion Man Merzbow

8 Candy Gun Melt Banana


10 Rebirth Esprit D’Air

11 Starstorm (Remastered) Esprit D’Air

12 The Hunter Esprit D’Air

13 Moon Light Down Initial’L

14 Can You Feel It ? Initial’L

15 monolith aki

16 離人 Dimlim

17 Asian Chaos (Far Eastern Mix) Gyze

18 Dystopia a crowd of rebellion

19 dusky vision Deviloof

20 Dance Music The SAMOS

21 Timeshift The SAMOS

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