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Miyavi – Holy Nights
Miyavi – The Others

Not only Happy Birthday to Miyavi’s wife Melody Lee Ishihara, but also congratulations to the family for adding to their already rocking family! Miyavi had made it known a few weeks back, but here is a beautiful selfie of the happy couple. We are so excited for them. We wish them all the best.!!!

UPDATE!!! Their baby Skylar was born!! Same day as Melody! So sweet!

Greetings #jrockers!! Here’s another daily dose of #jrock !! We can not forget #MIYAVI !! He has been around for a very long time and worked really hard and became an another awesome human. This is a song from earlier on in his career, one of my all time favs. Not only is Miyavi a musician, he’s an actor, model, humanitarian, he helps refugees , he has been recently teaching English online. He’s pretty awesome.

X-JAPAN – 「I.V.」 英語Ver
Buck Tick – Coyote
LUNA SEA – In Silence
VAMPS – Enjoy the Silence
SixTONES – Hysteria
SixTONES – telephone


Sixtones – Remix Medley

This awesome remix medley that a fan made!! Thank you!

hide Flame
ATOM ON SPHERE – Butcher Maze
MY FIRST STORY – アンダーグラウンド
Hazuki – 玉響の灯
MIYAVI – Over The Rainbow
MIYAVI Over The Rainbow
Ningen Isu – Inochi Urimasu (Full Version)
sex machine guns – メタル経理マン
The Alfee – Mary Ann
Onmyo-za – 甲賀忍法帖

Background ambiance, HALLOWEEN is coming soon!
So is K.A.Z birthday, remember to send wishes!!
Miyavi’s business is J-Glam INC

Legendary guitarist Miyavi never stops working. Ever. I believe he works in his sleep, or he just never sleeps. He has put out 1 album every year since 2015.

2015 The Others 

2016 Fire Bird

2017 Samurai Sessions vol 2

2018 Samurai Sessions vol 3

2019 No Sleep Til Tokyo

2020 Holy Nights 4/22 

not to mention, he’s been touring the globe non-stop. He is also is making movies,working with other musical artists, he models.he even helps with refugees. He is also a great father of 2 girls, and has a super awesome wife, who was in the music business before their marriage. 

In 2 months Miyavi will be releasing his 13th studio album called ‘Holy Night’ and #iheartjrock is eagerly awaiting it’s release! Big love and support to the Samurai guitarist who keeps going and going ! 

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