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2 hours of music from #japan!! Lots of requests so i’m doing blocks of #KinkKids #ENDRECHERI #ARASHI #SixTONES plus a block of #THEGAZETTE and some #FAKE? #OblivionDust #ATOMONSPHERE for bday boy #Kenlloyd who had a birthday this week. So much music to squeeze into a tiny time slot! Wish I could play more!?

Greetings #jrockers! It’s humpday and your midweek reminder #iheartjrock is on Saturdays 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Noho MA USA also streaming on
Don’t forget, you can also request songs, and send out dedications and I will read them over the air on the next #Iheartjrock

The Molice Foxy Machine
BREAKERZ – Let ecstasy be ours
Kim Jae Joong – BREAKING DAWN (Japanese Ver.) [Produced by HYDE]
Coil – Things Happen
Coil – The Snow
Coil – Windowpane
L’arc En Ciel – Link
hide – Dice
LUNA SEA – Scanner
Sukekiyo – dorothy
MIYAVI – Fire Bird
MIYAVI – Holy Nights
MIYAVI – The Others
MIYAVI – The Others
Yugo Kochi Shintaro Morimoto – My Hometown
SixTONES – 僕が僕じゃないみたいだ
SixTONES – New Era japanized rearrange
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
MAN WITH A MISSION – Wabi Sabi Wasabi
Scars Borough – Candy Red
Golden Bomber – Kiss Me

Tiki’s in space with DJ Silent, Andi, and all the SixTONES fans!! thanks for tuning in this week!

Greetings #jrockers!! Just a reminder #Iheartjrock is on tonight. Tune in for 2 hours of music from japan and more! Please join DJ Sakura and DJ Silent at 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA streaming on!! DJ Silent has some selections, DJ Sakura will play blocks of artsits from japan. Please tune in if you can.

Warning! This video is FIRE!! it’s so hot! Please be warned.
Love Breakerz so much and this video needs more love!
So do they!
Shana requested them all the time for #iheartjrock and got me so addicted! I hope I get to see them one day! This video is very old, so please either sit back and remember a classic, or a enjoy a new classic

Greetings #jrockers !! We are back with another daily #jrock!
Tonight we have a live video from #THEGAZETTE from 2018-2019 off their official youtube page.
Also front man RUKI celebrated his 39th birthday 2/1 !! Send him birthday wishes!!

then follow the gazette
they will be putting out new music shortly as well
looking forward to that!

The Molice The Look
The GazettE D.L.N
The GazettE SHIVER
The GazettE – The Invisible Wall
SixTONES – Special Order
SixTONES – ってあなた
BABY METAL – Road of Resistance
baby metal – black night
Buck Tick – バクチク 独壇場Beauty Dokudanjou Beauty
Buck Tick – LIMBO (2003.4.30 渋谷AX Live)
YOASOBI – Monster
Charan-Po-Rantan – France Kabure
Boris & Merzbow – Away from You
Ryuichi Sakamoto – M.A.Y. in the Backyard
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)
Yoshida Brothers – Gibiate (feat. SUGIZO)

Imitation RAIN !!!!!! these were playing in the background

also played this

for everyone who has missed this week’s #Iheartjrock live it is now available to listen

Oblivion Dust Disappear (All of You)
Hyde – Defeat
SixTONES – UyaMuya
SixTONES – Lifetime
SixTONES – New Era
Royz – In the storm
lynch. ALLIVE
Aolin – Absolute Egoism
ALI – FIGHT DUB CLUB (feat. J-REXXX & Rueed)
Nocturnal Bloodlust – Left behind
Dohatsuten – Sadametic 20/20
GACKT – Redemption
abingdon boys school – PINEAPPLE ARMY
Tm Revolution – High Pressure
LUNA SEA – Tonight
L’arc En Ciel – Caress of Venus
GLAY – Dope
BREAKERZ – I love my daughter
The Splendid – Misfires & False Starts
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Yoohei Kawakami 多重露光 – feat.川上洋平 『劇場短編 仮面ライダーセイバー 不死鳥の剣士と破滅の本』主題歌 Movie Edit

Background music was this awesome video from Akihide

Behold an unboxing event ! I received another package from a great #SixTONES fan in japan. I am very happy to receive all these nice things. I have already watched all the videos and listened to all the new music from it. I cant’ wait to share it on #Iheartjrock next week. Thank you so much for turning me onto #SixTONES #teamsixtones.

VAMPS Enjoy the Silence request
DEAN FUJIOKA – Searching for the Ghost
SixTONES – Special Order
SixTONES – Telephone
The Molice – the look
Oblivion Dust – Future Womb
IMOCD! – Scream
ORANGE RANGE – So Ju Ko (Refinished)
ASH DA HERO – Get Away
Hyde – Glamorous Sky
Esprit D’Air – Leviathan (HEAVYGRINDER Remix)
Buck Tick – Coyote
Abingdon Boys School – Strength
Creature Creature – Dream Caller
Children of Bodom – Downfall RIP front man Alexi you are missed DJ Silent selection
Kaya ×  – alkaloid showcase
ONE OK ROCK – we are
DIR EN GREY – The World of Mercy — dir en grey coming out with a new single in spring!

Celebrated David Bowie’s bday with music from his spotify page as the bg music for the first hour.

Japanese tea garden was the back gound in the second half of #Iheartjrock

Thank you for all the #SixTONES requests. I was so happy to play new version of TELEPHONE, with guitar solo, also the full version of ST, and Special Order. Please stick around next time for more music off the album 1st.

Also Rikiji has a birthday on 1/11 Happy birthday Rikiji!! , i played OD and IMOCD

DJ Silent also has a birthday on 1/12 send him birthday wishes !!

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