Nocturnal Bloodlust’s Unleash rocked my face off!!

I can’t believe how fast I got my cd!! Looks really awesome on my book from work XD
Yes CDS from JAPAN are still relevant. This is my second #Nokubura cd. I love them so much.
The back of the cd song titles. Funny I got the Japanese song titles.
Liner notes.
The prologue is a glitchy noise peace to calm you before the storm.
Thank You starts off with Hiro screaming “You can be no one” and speed sings the next few lines in Japanese, I’ve seen translations and I think he is smack talking previous members of the band, but I am not sure about it. He is speaking about how people can be so caught up in themselves and think they are special, but they are really not. And people who use social media are insane because they think they are popular, but they are not. He’s angry. But the the chorus is so catchy! The last word is Plague, and in translation it’s basically You got the Plaque and the last word is Insanity, meaning the plague made them crazy. Wild.
BURN THE FAT . and you will if you play this song at the gym. The whole song is fast except for the line in the chorus that just comes in and goes but it leaves you feeling nostalgic. This is a song that is repeated by me a lot.
I couldn’t believe this song was sung by Hiro. I thought for sure it was a guest. The shout master can sing and it’s like the sweetest thing. I got reminded of slipknot or another 2000 heavy metal band. Really enjoy this song.
‘Why do you always try to make me cry? aren’t you sorry to me? your a motherfucking bastard. ‘ all i can say is when you are wronged by someone. this song should be song to them. Chorus reminds me ‘Halloween Party’ and any other carnival like vk band song ( D , Reign, The Gazette, etc etc ) I love this song.


A cry of sorrow sounds suddenly.
Pierce my body without any warning
I couldn’t find a place to hit this anger
Withstands pain with upright immobility and repeats

Why … why do you always try to make me cry?
Aren’t you sorry to me? You are motherf-cking bastard.

Is this a punishment or fate?
You are always there
Laugh at me
What is the purpose, what is it, what is you?
A small cocoon that bleeds in black deeply infuses your heart

See you again
Lurking hunter ambush eater
Because it ’s dangerous, you can put a cushion
Forget the next day and repeat again
I ’m a foolish human.

Why … why do you always try to make me cry?
Aren’t you sorry to me? You are motherf-cking bastard.

It hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts …

I hit my toes at some corner
Devil’s work
I hit my toes at some corner
Absolutely unacceptable samurai sadistic

Clean hit bite on the little finger you stepped on
Women and men instantly fainted
F-ck f-ck f-ck f-ck f-ck f-ck a door
F-ck f-ck f-ck f-ck f-ck f-ck a wall

Why … why do you always try to make me cry?
Aren’t you sorry to me? You are motherfucking bastard.

Is this a punishment or fate?
You are always there
Laugh at me
What is the purpose, what is it, what is you?
A small cocoon that bleeds in black deeply infuses your heart

I hit my toes at some corner
Is there a nickname? Tell me your name
I hit my toes at some corner
Absolutely unacceptable insidious sadistic

This is a real funky song! This is the most unheavy song on the album. It’s fast like the rest but there is something different. I really enjoy this song. Especially the break in the middle where Hiro sounds like he is chanting with a vocoder or another vocal effect processor.
A perfect power ballad to finish off the album. I love the airy guitars at the beginning and the chorus reminds me of OneOkRock power ballads. ‘I promise you i will never make you cry again’ well.. if this song doesn’t bring a little tear to my eye.

I give Nocturnal Bloodlust’s Unleash album 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 ten broken hearts, especially with what has happened recently.
if you are unaware please check out for more info.

Nocturnal Bloodlust Unleashed is still available on streaming services like spotify and itunes , you can also purchase a hard cd copy via or cdjapan.

The video for THANK YOU has been taken off YOUTUBE , which is sad because I used to watch it all the time at the gym.


It was a rather cool and cloudy day in NYC the day The Gazette came to perform. I arrived at the venue (PlayStation Theater) around 6 pm that afternoon and I saw the beginning of the line filled with fans wearing the shirt from the last live, I knew that was going to happen so I decided to wear a black dress and duster instead. The line for the show wrapped around the block towards Broadway and we were the last ones in line briefly before more fans trickled in. There was a man behind us who kept on talking to us and we were not really in a social mood(combination of gummy and drinks from earlier in the day was still coursing through my body…Sadly I was supposed to meet friends at the venue, too) There was a lot of foot traffic on Broadway for a Monday and everyone had to cut through our line , bumping and pushing us around until about 10 minutes before the doors opened. 
We got separated from the line so the foot traffic could get passed without causing more of a mess. I took video of a building I was staring at and also a photo of a giant teddy bear in a shop on Broadway. The time passed quickly and before I knew it I was inside the venue. The PlayStation Theater goes down a big flight of stairs  and leads to a wall. The wall displayed The Gazette logo, and I meant to take a pic of it, but I never did. Turn around the corner and see the line for the merchandise was really long!  I decided it was a good idea to get to the stage instead of waiting in that hell of a line, VIP got first dibs on the merch before the regular folk to, so I go to the front of the stage and was amazed how close I got!! I was on the right of the stage ( Kaz’s side or at the Gazette show , Uruha’s side!! )I stood and waited while listening to the fans talk about kpop, and some spoke about the last show ,  and I was just like “GET ON STAGE I AM SO CLOSE” The light’s dim and 99,999 starts, the crowd yells as all the members walk on the stage. A man with the selfie stick, on the other side of the fence is taking video of the crowd for the upcoming documentary that I hope they will release to overseas fans!! The band starts into ” Falling ” Our arms go up and we rock to the song, it is perfect and tight. Arms wailing bodies moving to the music and Ruki is dancing. They continue to rock with the next songs on the CD, ‘Ninth Odd Smells’ and ‘Gush’ they go so fast, I am so busy dancing and headbanging and cheering because I am so close and so happy! AOI struts his stuff and inches his way in front of us. The faces on the group are motionless and just ooze sex and beauty and wonderful things that cannot be touched or looked at. I stare at Uruha almost all the time I am on the floor in front of the stage. His thigh is showing his hair is cut so nicely, he looks really great. He looks really tall too. Ruki’s suit is the same from the video, but it is black velvet, he must be dying in it. Reita is directly in my line of sight, but far back on the stage. He just stands there, holding his bass and sticking out his tongue once in awhile. I am too busy having fun to really see any of it. I had wished I could use my camera to take photos, but they made the announcement at the beginning of the show, only a few were rebels and took their photos/videos of the live. 

I was so upset I couldn’t see the awesome drummer Kai, he was hidden all night behind the huge drum stand. He defiantly worked his arms and legs off tonight!

Up next we rocked to Vortex ! One of my favs , then Venomus Spider’s Web. A classic!! The light’s go out and the music stops. Ruki is in the center stage looking around at all the faces in the darkness. I scream HI Ruki while waving my arms around and he smiles, the music comes back and they go into a song off the new album. “Mortal” a very sexy dark gothic song with a lot of of noise and i end up doing a big arms thing .

As soon as ‘ その声は脆く ‘ comes on I move away from the stage and back up to sit with my party that came with me. I am satisfied I got a smile from Ruki and I got a good view of everyone so I can go an die now. When I get to my party I am surprised with a white t shirt that was purchased for me!! I am never going to wear it, but keep it for a souvenir. It was not a cheap t shirt. None of the items at the venue were cheap. Not even the drink I purchased. I went and got a drink and noticed the merch table was just about bare!!  No shirts, no bags, no cute things.

I went back to sit at the seat my party was at and viewed the rest of the show from wayyy far away. At one time I noticed over in the area where I was. He must of waited for me to move. XD
They played Dogma , Ugly , Filth In the Beauty, there may have been others that I can’t seem to remember, we left before the encore sadly.

I really got what I wanted from the night. To be really close to the stage. Last time I saw The Gazette, I was far away, and I did not really know of them. This time, I got to rock my face off and sing on the top of my lungs to my favorite Gazette songs, and they played all of them!! 
The Gazette are an amazing band. I am so happy they returned to NYC to see their performance. The last time they were in the area was 2016 , and I got to participate in the M&G because of a mutual friend at the time invited me. I really wanted an interview with the this time, but I must have received some invalid contact information. So overlooked because I am not a big rag mag.. whatever.


Atom on Sphere are a super-group of talented musicians from other talented bands of many genres in Japan. It’s been years since AOS has put out their first self titled album. I only heard of them recently, 2016 so the wait hasn’t been as long for me as it has to some hardcore fans. I did fall in love with the music right away because it was so like the music I grew up listening to, I love the 303 in Goodnight Blue, rave vibes …I listened to it a lot when I was at the gym. Over and over. I did put it away for a while and didn’t really think anything was going to happen to this project. I moved on and then all of a sudden there was this anouncement of shows, then of new music. Surprise a new song with a video to go with it. I was totally so happy! then another great song and then an album. All availible for me to purchase. Now I can review it as well as I can. This will be the first review of any music by DJ SAKURA666

Butcher’s Maze

There is a loud synth wail and I am reminded of The Prodigy. Not in a rip off way, but a nice tribute to them. Ken starts to sing and I am transported to 1999, he sounds like a brit pop singer its just so lovely. We go round and round and round and round and it is so catchy, the music is loud, Ken’s voice gets louder and angry. I find myself singing ’round and round and round’ during they day, not sure if Butcher’s Maze is even mentioned in the song, but I enjoy it so much!


This is my favorite song on this album. Song starts out really slow, nice synth melody and Ken’s voice is soft and sweet. The song begins and we are chanting “Dead Battery ruins everybody’s soul” over and over and the funky bass line a long with the synthesized horns leave the listening in a world of bliss. I love this song a lot. It makes me happy, it makes me move at the gym.


New Order ‘blue monday’ intro, and a sample from 90s electronic band Pop Will Eat Itself ‘Can you dig it’ along with neo- electro dance music, and lyrics about sexy people, being sexy. This song is a classic electronica tune from the 90s that never was. Ken Lloyd sings ‘void’ my life is complete! 🕊

Love Like I do


I am reminiscent of an old brit pop groups nice dreamy vocals and synthesizers, with some lyrics that make me wonder. I would like to read the lyrics to this song if possible. I’m confused as to why it is explicit….maybe…

Got to say tho the drums at the end of the song are really strong.

Kick the Habit

Another sexy tune..This song is the most ‘rock’ on the album. The chorus ‘feel better’ loops causing a wall of noise ‘kick the habit…’ i like this one a lot. There are a ton of layers, ken voice, guitars, more noise 😁


Into reminds me of Yazoo! The vocal effects remind me industrial bands like Skinny Puppy and 3teeth. Nice synth lines, bass guitar seems synthesized, is that real drums?


My Cure

Is this Atom on Sphere? The most un-atom on sphere on the album, sexy, funky, feeling like you are in a loungy bar getting your drink on. Love it!

This is the song with honey reference, like old jrock songs

Secret Life of Mine

The most pop song on the album. Catchy chorus, great bassline, guitar songs like a synth, and the drums light and airy. When i listen i feel like I am watching an intro to an anime. Also reminds me of the theme to Big Bang

People and everything is always moving forward, this life, past life, the next life, you choose your life, you bring your baggage wether it is known or unknown with you through time, and if it is meant to be the universe will work to bring everything together like it was always meant to be.


Ken’s voice sounds like Emperor Steel of EOS when he sings the chorus. The guitars are very airy, synthesizer shooshing and bass wobbling, drums are putting it all together. 1st of the power ballads on the album.


The last song on the album. It is the prettiest. It is a slow power ballad with beautiful lyrics and it just makes you want to grab a tissue and sob into it. A love song, a lonely song, Ken’s voice howls HOME and i feel his pain. The synths remind me of when i has a middle high school dance.

Got to getaway 🥀

This is a great ending to a great album. This is the ear candy my brain needed. I love all type of music, I def put this up on top of my list !  Give it a listen !!

I give it 5 iheartjrock broken hearts !


Atom on Sphere’s official website

Atom On Sphere on Spotify

Secret Life of Mine on iTunes

Atom on Sphere instagram

Atom On Sphere official YouTube channel

Atom On Sphere facebook page

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