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Welcome to the memorial webpage for Atsushi Sakurai. This webpage is a place for friends and fans to gather and remember his life. Acchan was loved by many and will be deeply missed. Please feel free to share your memories in the comments section below. This is a work in process

According to the Buck Tick website, Atsushi Sakurai passed away on 10/19. He was feeling ill during the Buck Tick performance in Yokohama, he was taken to the hospital where he suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed soon after. The news was not released until Tuesday 10/24 so friends and family could have a time of mourning. A memorial will be held at a later time, in Japan for fans of the singer.

Atsushi was the lead singer of the Japanese rock band, Buck Tick. He and his bandmates were celebrating their 35th year as a powerful band, with tours and DVDs, and band merchandise and so much more. Atsushi’s voice was so loud and powerful and dark! He was the Japanese equivalent to Peter Murphy. His body thin, his limbs, long, sleek, his fingers always panted. Even at the age of 57, he still wore black makeup, lace clothing. He looked fabulous in the new BT MVs

He was not on social media. Sadly, although it seems he would have had one soon. He’s been on the radio in Japan, recently. He was also very well known all over the world. He was a part of the industrial revolution in the 90s with PIG KMFDM etc., etc. There was a side project called The Mortal and they do covers of Cities in Dust and Shadow of Love. Atsushi also had a wonderful solo album. It is available on streaming services

This special page was created by DJ Sakura666. She has been a fan of BT for a long time. She has always played them on IHEART JROCK and also shared their music and MVs through social media. Never seen BT perform in person, but always glad to watch the live videos on the official Buck Tick Youtube Page.

Condolences from Fans and Artists

Please feel free to read the tweets and social media posts about his passing. This will also be added as necessary, and if you are reading this and would like to add your comment to the page, feel free to below.

3 thoughts on “Atsushi Sakurai memorial page

  1. How could God take someone so kind and beautiful so soon?
    He shared with us his overflowing love of music.
    For now, I just want to offer my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and his fans.

  2. Atsushi Sakurai was a light in the darkness of this world and such a beautiful soul. His music has gotten me through some rough times and to think that he’s no longer with us is a tough pill to swallow. Sing amongst the stars, Acchan. You will forever be in my heart, Dark Angel.

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