about #iheartjrock

As of March 2023, #iheartjrock is 3 hours long!! Still starting at 10PM EST on VFR up until 1AM Sunday mornings!! We got #SilentTime w/DJ Silent, #80s requests, #jpop requests, and #jrock for 3 hours!

#iheartjrock with DJ Sakura666 started in 2017 on Valley Free Radio, with all 2 hours of music that was loud heavy and aggressive. Times have changed, some people had requested #SixTONES and it opened up a floodgate of other various music from #japan, mostly popular music, in #anime and #movies, #jpop and #johnnys with a twist of strange and unusual genre covering alternative, punk, goth, rock and noise.
Then DJ Silent came aboard in 2021 and now we have a few songs to start the night that are from the #80s. We have 80s requests, nothing wrong with that.
#iheartjrock goes live on Valley Free Radio Sat 10P EDT on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA also streams on valleyfreeradio.org past shows in the archives

#SakuraUnderground is a podcast hosted by DJ Silent, with japanese bands from DJ Sakura666. Always celebrating birthdays, lives whom have past, and special things that happen. Silly commentary, never professional, but very interesting. Music genres from the past and all sorts of things. Recorded in the Valley Free Radio studios! past shows here

mailto: djsakura666@iheartjrock.com or djsilent@iheartjrock.com

#iheartjrock does reviews and updates from japan, please click on tags, and search. there is so much to find on iheartjrock.com

Any questions, please feel free to send a message. These are private and will not be publicized.

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