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#iheartjrock Started in Feb of 2017. DJ Sakura had a idea to host a radio show on the local non commercial radio station in the area called Valley Free Radio. Started on Friday/Saturday mornings at midnight up until 2am. DJ Sakura666 started off a lone, then was joined by DJ Panic, who stated for a few months and started her own radio show on VFR. Several years later DJ Silent joined and is still a co-host who plays a mixtures of various sounds from all over the sound spectrum. 

In the early days, #iheartjrock has interviewed #VAMPS #OblivionDust and #TheMolice. Hoping to interview more #japan #rockers in 2021 and beyond. 

iheartjrock is a 2 hour radio show that focuses on music from japan! I’ll be posting my playlists, links to sns, photos and art stuff i’ve done for my show and more. Check back to see the ever evolving site! And please leave me as much feedback as possible!!

If you would like to be a guest on #iheartjrock , please email djsakura666@iheartjrock.com or fill out the form below. 


Feedback is always welcomed. Please reach out to me, and I will contact you back. 

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