Happy #SixTONES friday! This one was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot. I was happy to understand what was going on, lol. I love how they said their goodbyes at the end. Please watch and support #SixTONES too. BTW my calender was shipped today, I should be getting it on TUES. I am very excited. My desk at work needs a calender. Please tune in tomorrow for #iheartjrock with a block of SixTONES , i’ll be playing CALL ME, Boku, and more! thank you for your requests and dedications, please tune in to hear them.

if anyone knows how to add a radio player to wordpress please, send me a message.

Greetings #jrockers!! Hope you all had a great weekend, and got to listen to #iheartjrock, if not it’s up here
Tonight I have 3 live videos of legendary #jrockers, #BUCK-TICK and Shinpei and Akihide, from BREAKERZ with their solo projects live!
I think this week will be live videos, and maybe I’ll do a live show on Saturday.
Enjoy these while you can, never know when they will take them down!

Greetings #jrockers!! This week is finally almost over, don’t forget that #iheartjrock is on this Saturday 10p EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Noho MA USA , we stream online. One day I will figure out how to stream here, until then valleyfreeradio.org/listen

New music video from MAN WITH A MISSION !!! This video is awesome, it’s for WABI SABI Wasabi , I love it , it is very entertaining. Reminding me of old Japanese monster fight movies. Check it out manwithamission. https://www.mwamjapan.info/

Greetings!! It’s humpday. and also it’s time for the daily #jrock
Today’s video is brand new from LOVEBITES female rockers!! http://jvcmusic.co.jp/lovebites/

Here is the video clip to “Glory To The World” taken from Lovebites new mini album ‘Glory, Glory, To The World’, out March 10, 2021!

Greetings jrockers!! the daily #jrock is back with a new video from BREAKTERZ !! This is third 3rd song to appear in a movie this past year! Congrats to the success. They have just joined TIC TOK and have been having online concerts in LINE. They are still really talented too! check them out! link to new single ‘ i love my daugher ‘ and official website

Greetings #jrockers! Tonight’s daily #jrock video is solo lynch.’s front man Hazuki
It’s a beautiful ballad and it is fitting this mood right now.
lynch. are known for their aggressive , loud, heavy music, so to hear this soft, yet powerful track shows how diverse a person can be.
https://pc.lynch.jp/ please check them out

Greetings #jrockers !! We are back with another daily #jrock!
Tonight we have a live video from #THEGAZETTE from 2018-2019 off their official youtube page.
Also front man RUKI celebrated his 39th birthday 2/1 !! Send him birthday wishes!!

then follow the gazette https://the-gazette.com/
they will be putting out new music shortly as well
looking forward to that!

Greetings #jrockers ! We are back with a new daily jrock! Hope everyone had a great weekend and listened to #Iheartjrock when they had a chance.
This week’s video is old, but it was uploaded to Yoshiki’s channel on youtube. It’s #XJAPAN Tears. It’s a beautiful song, that makes me tear up all the time.
I love how there are lots of scenes with #HIDE and also some cute interactions with Yoshiki and Toshi, we also see PATA, Heath and Taiji (RIP TOO)
Please check out #XJAPAN !! http://www.xjapan.com/index.html

The Molice The Look
The GazettE D.L.N
The GazettE SHIVER
The GazettE – The Invisible Wall
SixTONES – Special Order
SixTONES – ってあなた
BABY METAL – Road of Resistance
baby metal – black night
Buck Tick – バクチク 独壇場Beauty Dokudanjou Beauty
Buck Tick – LIMBO (2003.4.30 渋谷AX Live)
YOASOBI – Monster
Charan-Po-Rantan – France Kabure
Boris & Merzbow – Away from You
Ryuichi Sakamoto – M.A.Y. in the Backyard
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)
Yoshida Brothers – Gibiate (feat. SUGIZO)

Imitation RAIN !!!!!! these were playing in the background

also played this

Greetings #jrockers!! Another day another #jrock video! This video is from 1991 !! It’s Buck-Tick M.A.D ! I hope you enjoy, I’ve been a fan of BT for a long time. They have been around for more than forever , they have synth-pop , goth, punk, new wave albums. Check out their site because they are still around!!

Greetings #Jrockers!

Adding new feature to the website.
You’re daily dose of #jrock. Everyday I will post 1 video of a #jrock band, past to present.
hope you enjoy.
First video is going to be L’Arc En Ciel’s READY STEADY GO! because it was the first song that got me hooked.
It is officially their 30th year as a band !! Congrats!

That’s ANIME!! lolol People I knew at the time made fun of me for listening to this song.
Years later I still love it. I have never seen L’arc, but frontman’s other band VAMPS i’ve seen a lot of and I love them and miss them very much.

Please visit their Website
Also see their photo’s on instagram // twitter // facebook

track image
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