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#Iheartjrock The Heat has gotten to us

#Iheartjrock The Heat has gotten to us

Greetings! Welcome back to another #ihearjtrock! We had the 80s hits, had a couple birthdays, and new music from song legendary people from japan. Hope you can read the playlist. Please share it. We hope you enjoy this #iheartjrock. Please leave a comment if you enjoy!

We celebrate RyuseiFujii from JohnnysWEST birthday with their song “‘HosinoNoAme’
From their latest single, with the same name. We did get requests for his solo song, but it seems couldn’t be located. There might have been some transfer issues. Sorry!! Hope you enjoyed this track. It’s one of DJ Sakura666’s favorites.

Also Happy Birthday to Dean Fujioka! Been of fan of his music for a few years now, and I want to watch Pure Japanese!

Lastly some photos during making #SakuraUnderground and #iheartjrock !! DJ Silent is so tired after a long time of ASMR !

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