#SakuraUnderground All Mixed Up v2

#SakuraUnderground All Mixed Up v2

Thank you for returning to another #SakuraUnderground. DJ Silent was in a different mood this week and wanted to play some more #STOMP music and some other interesting things. DJ Sakura666 had some music that were requested for #iheartjrock, but couldn’t fit, and there was an *fbomb so here they are. Plu new single from Nocturnal Bloodlust. or #nokubura as DJ Silent likes to call them.

Let’s discuss the music we played!

Skinny Puppy, Anger and VX Gas Attack

First 2 tracks were from a band called Skinny Puppy, they are an old industrial band. They have just completed a “reunion tour” around the world. One of the members Cevin Key has started a new project that is making music for video games. Upcoming Silent Hill game will have sounds from his project “nekoface” check out his Patreon for more information https://www.patreon.com/posts/silent-hill-85944327

The first song is called “Anger” and it is from the 1987 album Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate. It is a sample happy track, dark, foreboding and also nerve wracking. It stirs up emotions inside your mind, as well as your gut. Very dark. Listen with care.
Next up from Skinny Puppy is “VX Gas Attack” from the album VIVIsectVI which came out in 1988. This anti-war, some about the use of chemical weapons while in combat and the effects it has on it’s victims. Again not a light or happy tune. Again listen with care.

Electric Hellfire Club is up next!! Unholy Roller and Book of Lies

This band from the 90s, anti establishment, anti-religion, pro free speech, fun, sex, and drugs. A party of a band with songs that will rock your face off. ‘Unholy Roller’ taking on an AC/DC feel with the music and chorus, ranting about Satan and his non conforming, non superstitious, live free life and it is poking fun at Christianity. Many years of being bullied, tortured and mistreated in the house of the lord would make anyone turn their head, look, listen and wake up.

‘Book of Lies’ also poke at the brainwashing of the religious cults who spend their lives mistreating their followers.

Moving on to Lords of Acid ‘Marijuana in your brain’ and ‘the Crablouse’

It’s the mid 90s, do you know where your teenage kids are? Why they are taking drugs, at a rave and also doing some kinky sex things. When you listen to LOA not only are your transported into a world of kinki bdsm but there is loud music, phat synths, a drum machine, some smoke on the dance floor, glitter, baggy baggy pants, pacifiers, glo sticks, lollipops and other such things that exist in a mid 90s rave. Marijuana In Your Brain making fun of the hippies who smoke pot and wear patchouli, but they are no better, all their music is about taking hard drugs, singing about kinki sex, and dancing at raves.

Introducing the Crablouse, “it’s there to stay, sucks all day, your parasite” what’s this? a song about unprotected sex, happened all the time in the 90s, and people got all sort of funky stuff on their junk. This is the anthem to a lost generation of sex fiends.

Moving on to more stomp

KMFDM Godlike, this version is a bit different. It’s the WAX TRAX Chicago Trax version. A bit sped up and chaotic! You’ll be godlike, if you make it to the end of the song. The sample of a Slayer riff, looped with a drum machine and En Ech deep voice repeating You’ll Be Godlike and the sample of the little kid that no one knows what he is saying. The 90s oh the 90s

Ministry Just One Fix another song from the 90s. This song has samples from SID & Nancy “Never Trust a Junky” and the video has legendary author and drug enthusiast William S Burroughs shooting things. The 90s were just a better time, right?

Now we have some Martin Denny. Who can go wrong with “Quiet Village” and “Japanese Farewell Song” a master of tiki. Do you know what tiki is? Exotica is a fancy genre from the 50s/60s. We do believe no one is a ware of such music exists at all these days. All analog equipment, rhythmic and relaxing. Grab a drink, sit back and have a swell time.

There was a request of #iheartjrock, an 80s track from Dinosaur Jr. It had a *fbomb so we played it here instead. We try, we do let them slip, but we try not to have our radio station get fined. We have little funds, so it’s something we can’t let slide. Shocked to see that they put out music in the 80s. This has college radio western mass written all over it. Jangly guitars, untuned voice, and a catchy chorus! Thanks for the request, we never play Dinosaur JR.

lil Uzi Vert/Bring me the Horizon new single “Werewolf” was requested this week. There was a song requested last time that featured these 2 artists and it was flagged. We will do our duties as a good podcast and review the newest single. It opens, the vocals are way low, almost unheard, like a whisper. Guitars enter, the voice gets louder, there is a howl, and they start to yell. Melancholic chorus, more screams, a rap moment, more melodic choruses. Waves of vocals, riffs of guitars, banging of the drums. Ending just as it begins. Not a bad 4 minutes check out Pink Tape

Up next is Sing Like Talking Spirit of Love – this was a request for #iheartjrock, unfortunately we couldn’t fit it into the playlist so it was sent here for everyone to listen to. It is a very song, very powerful and emotional. This is the live version, the original couldn’t be located or played in our location.

Also request for The Rampage from Exile Tribe Justice is Blind and Repezen Foxx Respect my Life. These are great fun!!

Lastly new music from Nocturnal Bloodlust!! Their new single Despise is now available!! First track is called “Glitcher” Which is just a bunch of glitches and bloops and bleeps. Always a fan of this! Despise is a classic song like Nocturnal Bloodlust. Heavy guitars, heavy drums, heavy bass and heavy screams from front man Hiro! Check it out in the podcast!

Hope you enjoyed this lengthy description of this #SakuraUnderground. Leave a comment below. Until next time!

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