#SakuraUnderground DM/SNOG/3TEETH

#SakuraUnderground DM/SNOG/3TEETH

Welcome back to another #SakuraUndergrond. This one was recorded on Sept 30 2023. DJ Silent celebrated Depeche Mode’s “music for the masses” album, because it had it’s anniversary this week.
Pimpf , Behind the Wheel and Never Let Me Down Again are 3 of the most interesting tracks from this release. Pimpf is an non vocal track with synth sounds and a moment of silence on this remastered track. DJ Sakura666 and DJ Silent have words during this moment.
https://www.depechemode.com/ official page

Also 3 tracks from the newest Snog release. DJ Silent was happy to hear reworkings of Corporate Slave and Shop. Both are classic tracks which were played a lot at goth clubs back in the day. Way way way way way back in the day. The new reworkings are DJ Silent approved! LINK TO THE Bandcamp page –> here <–

Lastly DJ Silent and DJ Sakura666 both played new songs from the long awaited 3TEETH album. END EX. DJ Silent and DJ Sakura666 were blown away by the intro track. Wall of noise is something not heard ever. They both commented they knew how they did it and gave much approval for the experimental track. Merchant of the Void has the catchiest line heard in a song ever “I’m the god that gave you the voice” after being pounded by the loud “I am the merchant of the void” a great rock track, 3Teeth and Mick Gordon made a good team. Of course, we can not play “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” keeping the 80s cover hits, 3TEETH rework this song in an awesome way. There is even a video on their YouTube page.
https://3teeth.org/ <– official site

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