Welcome back to another #SakuraUnderground, this week DJ Silent received a book about his favorite band called Coil and decided to play the less loud and aggressive side. Tune in with caution and please keep small animal and children away from the sounds for tracks 3-6

The 600 page book on Coil. From Nick Soulsby.


Also there was a request and DJ Sakura666 played some music from Japan!!!

Playlist below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

ArtistTrack title
Tony Bennett (RIP)I left my heart in San Francisco
cevin Key, IMAXAnger is an Acid
CoilRed birds will fly out of the east and destroy Paris in a night
CoilHigher Beings Command
CoilI am the green child
CoilFree Base Chakra
Traci LordsFallen Angel
acid androiddealing with the devil
Alexandros (Wurts)Vanilla Sky
Tomohisa YamashitaSweet Vision

Do The Thing! 🤘

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