The Molice Foxy Machine
BREAKERZ – Let ecstasy be ours
Kim Jae Joong – BREAKING DAWN (Japanese Ver.) [Produced by HYDE]
Coil – Things Happen
Coil – The Snow
Coil – Windowpane
L’arc En Ciel – Link
hide – Dice
LUNA SEA – Scanner
Sukekiyo – dorothy
MIYAVI – Fire Bird
MIYAVI – Holy Nights
MIYAVI – The Others
MIYAVI – The Others
Yugo Kochi Shintaro Morimoto – My Hometown
SixTONES – 僕が僕じゃないみたいだ
SixTONES – New Era japanized rearrange
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
MAN WITH A MISSION – Wabi Sabi Wasabi
Scars Borough – Candy Red
Golden Bomber – Kiss Me

Tiki’s in space with DJ Silent, Andi, and all the SixTONES fans!! thanks for tuning in this week!

Greetings #jrockers!! Just a reminder #Iheartjrock is on tonight. Tune in for 2 hours of music from japan and more! Please join DJ Sakura and DJ Silent at 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA streaming on!! DJ Silent has some selections, DJ Sakura will play blocks of artsits from japan. Please tune in if you can.

Greetings #jrockers!! This week is finally almost over, don’t forget that #iheartjrock is on this Saturday 10p EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Noho MA USA , we stream online. One day I will figure out how to stream here, until then

New music video from MAN WITH A MISSION !!! This video is awesome, it’s for WABI SABI Wasabi , I love it , it is very entertaining. Reminding me of old Japanese monster fight movies. Check it out manwithamission.

Greetings!! It’s humpday. and also it’s time for the daily #jrock
Today’s video is brand new from LOVEBITES female rockers!!

Here is the video clip to “Glory To The World” taken from Lovebites new mini album ‘Glory, Glory, To The World’, out March 10, 2021!

GACKT Journey through the Decade
Buck-Tick – Kemonotachi no Yoru
Oblivion Dust – Sail Away (feat. Anna Tsuchiya)
DIR EN GREY – Taiyou No Ao
DIR EN GREY – Tousei
Sukekiyo – In All Weathers
ATOM ON SPHERE – Butcher Maze
jesse and juri tanaka – extra vip
taiga kyomoto x hokuto matsumura – ってあなた
SixTONES – 僕が僕じゃないみたいだ
Snow Man – Grandeur
AKIHIDE – ループペダル #5.「Lost」
Response – HOWLING
INORAN – Hard Right
Fuji Kaze – 青春病
L’arc En Ciel – flower
The Splendid – Parallel Universe

#iheartjrock live from Nar Shaddaa
#iheartjrock also at Dagobah
it was cool being in Deckard’s apartment :X

Greetings! Happy #jrock Saturday, been a very busy day! So now I can sit and share music from japan tonight at 10pm on 103.3fm wxoj-lp northampton ma also streaming on 2 hours of music from japan tonight #jrockers!! new music, old jrock lots of requests, of course a block of SixTONES and some dir en grey/sukekiyo block because bdays!

Please tune in !

Greetings!! Happy SixTONES FRIDAY! Every Friday they upload a new video to their youtube page. They are very entertaining and I love sharing them. I was sharing them on my twitter page, but I feel it makes more sense here, since my website is linked to my many social media pages. I am still learning japanese, and I use these videos to help the process, along with their songs.
Since my SixTONES is pretty much defunct, i’ll just keep updating here, using tags and such, one day it will be organized.

Anyways here is the video
Jesse is getting some muscle in his bicep. He had mentioned he was lifting at home. It’s coming along nicely. Stop making fun.
Other things are happening in this video, like them spinning and balancing on tip toes. Jesse makes everyone laugh at the end. So sweet. Go follow SixTONES

Warning! This video is FIRE!! it’s so hot! Please be warned.
Love Breakerz so much and this video needs more love!
So do they!
Shana requested them all the time for #iheartjrock and got me so addicted! I hope I get to see them one day! This video is very old, so please either sit back and remember a classic, or a enjoy a new classic

Happy Tuesday #jrockers !! New music from VK / jrock band Aiolin . They are amazing and have a violin in their songs! Check it out and have a great night !

【AIOLIN(読み:アイオリン)】 -本格派クラシカルヴァイオリン×ラウドロック- 「革命的ヴァイオリニズム」をコンセプトに掲げ、唯一無二の音楽でシーンに革命を。 2017年2月6日始動。 東京藝術大学器楽科を卒業し、作詞作曲からアレンジまで全てを手掛けるヒカリト(Vo/Gt/Vn/Pf)を中心に悠(Gt)、レイス(Ba)、Seiya(Dr)の四人で結成された4ピースヴァイオリンラウドロックバンド。 バンド名の由来は詩のコンセプト(哀愁)と音のコンセプト(ヴァイオリン×バンドサウンド)を端的に表現した「哀愁のヴァイオリン」から。 音楽理論と確かな演奏技術に裏付けされた唯一無二のサウンドをリスナーに届ける。
[AIOLIN BIOGRAPHY] The band concept is ”Violinism Revolution”. Hikarito(Vocals, Guitar,Violin and Piano), graduated from Tokyo Art University started his band with You(Gt), Reis(Ba) and Seiya(Dr) on Feb.6th 2017. Hikarito does all music composing, lyric, and arrangement. AIOLIN is one of unique style rock band new comer, featured Violin with heavy rock sound. Listeners are delivered the AIOLIN’s music have a detailed knowledge of music theory and high quality of playing technic.

greetings !! another day another jrock video. This one is different. This is 3 men, Juken, Anis, and Juon having fun and drinking from Anis’ youtube. Anis, singer for Monoral, and also has great solo music, in which, JUKEN and JUON play support for, Anis also had a birthday party and K.A.Z was the dj for. These people have been around for so long and I am so happy to share this video.
Anis youtube page:
Juken is finally on Twitter // his instagram
Juon was the lead singer of Fuzzy Control

Greetings jrockers!! the daily #jrock is back with a new video from BREAKTERZ !! This is third 3rd song to appear in a movie this past year! Congrats to the success. They have just joined TIC TOK and have been having online concerts in LINE. They are still really talented too! check them out! link to new single ‘ i love my daugher ‘ and official website

Greetings #jrockers!! We are back for another daily #jrock. Hope everyone had a great weekend, got to listen to #Iheartjrock either live on air or archived. Hope the snow wasn’t too much and life is treating you kind. Tonight’s fix is from a band called anotari , i did play this song this week and it was recommended to me by Tom ! Thanks TOM! follow his Chiba Music Scene on facebook and check out Anoatari

Thanks to those who got to listen and it is up for those who did not get to listen or just want to listen to it again! It was a great show DJ Silent had a few songs and will have a full hour next week so please tune in for that! Also we had a block of SixTONES and a lot of new music from japan!

Sukekiyo – the daemon’s cutlery
VAMPS – Zero
Dezert – アカ
SixTONES – lifetime
juri and jesse Extra VIP
SixTONES mad love
Bobbie Gentry The Fool On the Hill
trent reznor, mariqueen reznor fashion
Gary Numan Intruder
Gyze – Samurai Metal
Anoatari – Omajinai
AKIHIDE – 絵本動画「雪の子」
Inoran – leap of faith
AstroAttack – Angels In The Snow
j & takanori nishikawa – a i
Ryuichi Kawamura – Beautiful Lie
Toki – Do or Die (feat. Trembling Bambi)
KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus – Wrist Cutter Angel (feat. Kao)
MIYAVI – Day 1
Esprit D’Air – Guiding Light (Live at KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton, 2020)

Greetings #jrockers!! Please tune your radio dial to 103.3fm wxoj-lp northampton ma usa at 10PM EST for the return of #iheartjrock !!
Got a lot of new music this week, DJ Silent has some awesome selections that are super secret so you have to tune in, also some #SixTONES block! thank you for the requests. We will blab about music and maybe cyberpunk2077 sorry no noise jam this week. Some other time!
you can also listen to #iheartjrock on and tunein app, radio garden,
don’t forget about sakura underground and the fbombs!
past shows up at i got a few shows up on apple, and iheartradio , but i am still having issues. can someone lend a helping hand?

Greetings #jrockers! Tonight’s daily #jrock video is solo lynch.’s front man Hazuki
It’s a beautiful ballad and it is fitting this mood right now.
lynch. are known for their aggressive , loud, heavy music, so to hear this soft, yet powerful track shows how diverse a person can be. please check them out

Greetings #jrockers !! We are back with another daily #jrock!
Tonight we have a live video from #THEGAZETTE from 2018-2019 off their official youtube page.
Also front man RUKI celebrated his 39th birthday 2/1 !! Send him birthday wishes!!

then follow the gazette
they will be putting out new music shortly as well
looking forward to that!

Greetings #jrockers ! Welcome to another #jrock Saturday!
Sadly DJ Silent and DJ Sakura will not be live in the studio to play 2 hours of awesome music. There will be a newer show from earlier this month up so please tune if you can starting at 10PM EDT on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA, also streaming on for free.
We will be back next week, and we will have another JAM session with DJ MANFROMNOWHERE
Look forward to that!

Also I worked on a podcast from home yesterday, taking all the #SixTONES requests I didn’t get to last week and putting them all together for an hour and seven minute long #SixTONES mega request show! I do hope you like it, thank you all for submitting your requests. I am still working on editing so it might sound a bit off. Please forgive.

LifeTIME – S / NINA / Stray
Extra VIP Yukiko / NINA
ってあなた Yukiko / misato
Imitation Rain Yukiko / Stray / plus
Dance All Night Mei / wanko
Uyamuya Sara
Mad Love Sara
ST – wanko / misato
Lemonade ; chocolate
Telephone 1st ; chocolate
love u chocolate
S.I.X Stray / misato / NEGI
Rollin plus
この星のHIKARI misato
Boku Ga Boku Janai Mitadai ^surprise!

Ma Te Ne !

Greetings #jrockers!! Here’s another daily dose of #jrock !! We can not forget #MIYAVI !! He has been around for a very long time and worked really hard and became an another awesome human. This is a song from earlier on in his career, one of my all time favs. Not only is Miyavi a musician, he’s an actor, model, humanitarian, he helps refugees , he has been recently teaching English online. He’s pretty awesome.

Greetings #jrockers !! It’s another daily #jrock fix! Today I am featuring ACID BLACK CHERRY – Black Cherry
1. Because it’s legend!
2. It’s lead singer YASU BDAY!! Happy BIRTHDAY! We love you and miss you!

Sadly YASU retired due to his vocal issues a few years ago but maybe he will come around
visit for updates , also just want to note that Akihide from BREAKERZ was also in ABC.

The Molice The Look
The GazettE D.L.N
The GazettE SHIVER
The GazettE – The Invisible Wall
SixTONES – Special Order
SixTONES – ってあなた
BABY METAL – Road of Resistance
baby metal – black night
Buck Tick – バクチク 独壇場Beauty Dokudanjou Beauty
Buck Tick – LIMBO (2003.4.30 渋谷AX Live)
YOASOBI – Monster
Charan-Po-Rantan – France Kabure
Boris & Merzbow – Away from You
Ryuichi Sakamoto – M.A.Y. in the Backyard
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)
Yoshida Brothers – Gibiate (feat. SUGIZO)

Imitation RAIN !!!!!! these were playing in the background

also played this

shut up i still love Breakerz! They still rock! Their music has appeared in more anime than yours so “NYA!”
Breakerz started in 2007 and are still rockin , check out their site for more info

Singer Daigo, has solo works, also has appeared in a lot of commercials in japan, has stared in many drama series in japan, also currenting playing games on youtube. Guitarist Akihide is taking his guitar, and art skills and making some awesome sounds, Shinpei, other guitarist is a foodie, has another band called Muscle Attack
Vamps and Breakerz are good friends. I would like to see them together again.

Tonight’s #jrock is #BABYMETAL !! Everyone loves these rockin girls who are celebrating their 10th year together! I can’t believe I’ve been listening to them for that long. Never saw them live, except for these videos. Got a double shot live this week on #iheartjrock !!
And check them out!

Greetings #jrockers!! Another day another #jrock video! This video is from 1991 !! It’s Buck-Tick M.A.D ! I hope you enjoy, I’ve been a fan of BT for a long time. They have been around for more than forever , they have synth-pop , goth, punk, new wave albums. Check out their site because they are still around!!

Greetings #Jrockers!

Adding new feature to the website.
You’re daily dose of #jrock. Everyday I will post 1 video of a #jrock band, past to present.
hope you enjoy.
First video is going to be L’Arc En Ciel’s READY STEADY GO! because it was the first song that got me hooked.
It is officially their 30th year as a band !! Congrats!

That’s ANIME!! lolol People I knew at the time made fun of me for listening to this song.
Years later I still love it. I have never seen L’arc, but frontman’s other band VAMPS i’ve seen a lot of and I love them and miss them very much.

Please visit their Website
Also see their photo’s on instagram // twitter // facebook

for everyone who has missed this week’s #Iheartjrock live it is now available to listen

Oblivion Dust Disappear (All of You)
Hyde – Defeat
SixTONES – UyaMuya
SixTONES – Lifetime
SixTONES – New Era
Royz – In the storm
lynch. ALLIVE
Aolin – Absolute Egoism
ALI – FIGHT DUB CLUB (feat. J-REXXX & Rueed)
Nocturnal Bloodlust – Left behind
Dohatsuten – Sadametic 20/20
GACKT – Redemption
abingdon boys school – PINEAPPLE ARMY
Tm Revolution – High Pressure
LUNA SEA – Tonight
L’arc En Ciel – Caress of Venus
GLAY – Dope
BREAKERZ – I love my daughter
The Splendid – Misfires & False Starts
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Yoohei Kawakami 多重露光 – feat.川上洋平 『劇場短編 仮面ライダーセイバー 不死鳥の剣士と破滅の本』主題歌 Movie Edit

Background music was this awesome video from Akihide

Behold an unboxing event ! I received another package from a great #SixTONES fan in japan. I am very happy to receive all these nice things. I have already watched all the videos and listened to all the new music from it. I cant’ wait to share it on #Iheartjrock next week. Thank you so much for turning me onto #SixTONES #teamsixtones.

VAMPS Enjoy the Silence request
DEAN FUJIOKA – Searching for the Ghost
SixTONES – Special Order
SixTONES – Telephone
The Molice – the look
Oblivion Dust – Future Womb
IMOCD! – Scream
ORANGE RANGE – So Ju Ko (Refinished)
ASH DA HERO – Get Away
Hyde – Glamorous Sky
Esprit D’Air – Leviathan (HEAVYGRINDER Remix)
Buck Tick – Coyote
Abingdon Boys School – Strength
Creature Creature – Dream Caller
Children of Bodom – Downfall RIP front man Alexi you are missed DJ Silent selection
Kaya ×  – alkaloid showcase
ONE OK ROCK – we are
DIR EN GREY – The World of Mercy — dir en grey coming out with a new single in spring!

Celebrated David Bowie’s bday with music from his spotify page as the bg music for the first hour.

Japanese tea garden was the back gound in the second half of #Iheartjrock

Thank you for all the #SixTONES requests. I was so happy to play new version of TELEPHONE, with guitar solo, also the full version of ST, and Special Order. Please stick around next time for more music off the album 1st.

Also Rikiji has a birthday on 1/11 Happy birthday Rikiji!! , i played OD and IMOCD

DJ Silent also has a birthday on 1/12 send him birthday wishes !!

Thank you DJ Silent for the Depeche Mode tribute!
Depeche Mode turn 40 this year!

Depeche Mode New Dress
Depeche Mode Fly on the Windscreen – Final
Depeche Mode – Sacred
BAND-MAID – After Life
OBLIVION DUST – Forever (Remastered)
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
SixTONES – new era
Molice – THE LOOK
BABY METAL – Ijime Dame Zettai
Abingdon Boys School – Innocent Sorrow
vistlip – EDY[2020ver.]
Pornography – century lovers
Hyde – Defeat
lynch. – ALLIVE

also !

Hey #jrockers !! #iheartjrock is your 2 hour fix of rock music from #japan and more! Please join DJ Sakura666 and DJ Silent for some new music, old music, and so much more!

Bringing in the new year with new music from #japan and DJ Silent has a special celebration to a band who celebrated their 40th anniversary this year. Tune in to find out who!! Also blocks from those who sent in requests. Maybe talk about the new year?? Cyberpunk 2077 and Grogu ?

The music starts at 10 PM Est on 103.3FM Wxoj-LP Northampton MA USA
not in the area? vfr streams on all over the world for free

#jrock #jpop #vk #anime #music #japan

Another day, another 6 videos from #SixTONES! Upcoming New Years greetings.
Each member had their own video. It started at 4am, this morning, then again at 5am.
Hokuto’s yells were so strong!
I wish to work with them in 2021!!

Jesse’s new year resolution is ?? i wish my japanese was better
Hokuto and his amazing vocal range

SixTONES debuted with #ImitationRain on their youtube channel on 12/25/2019 a beautiful song written by Yoshiki, performed by SixTONES. They made their way into the world and our hearts ever since. Weekly updates to their yotube page. They update their instagram page. Also being a Johnny band, they have blogs and update regularly on the johnny website. All the members in the band have also been in dramamtic series in japan, also movies and live stage acting. I played them on #iheartjrock the first time on my valentine’s day show, and it took some time but people noticed and have requested their songs ever since. I feel they are important part of japanese culture and i wish them all the best in 2021.
SixTONES youtube

Number 5 #ST , first song from their upcoming 1st album release 1/6 i look forward to my copy. This song rocks a lot tho.

#4 NEW ERA – the boys head bang in this video.. also OP for Inuyasha

#3 New World , this video is just the cutest!! They had full control of making this video and it was just adorable. The song is super catchy. It was put out at the begining of the covid days just as i was getting into them. I hope they record more videos like this.

#2 Telephone Call me

#1 Navigator much love for this song, this video, the anime Billionaire Detective

Greetings #jrockers !! 2020 is coming to a close, but it indeed have some awesome music to make a soundtrack to. Weather you are at the gym working out, or driving over town , you can listen to the top #jrock #jpop #vk #anime #music #japan from 2020. I was shocked to not see Hyde and Dustz or a lot of other great music from this year. 10 just isn’t enough i guess. I did play a lot of AKIHIDE this year, but it was other years, not 2020. I hope you like the list of songs. Again there were tons of great songs that came out this year. All available to listen to throughout this website. One day I will find a way to make them more accessible. Thank you so much for your requests, and thank you so much for supporting music from japan and indie radio! Happy New Year !! Look forward to more great music from JAPAN !

(intro to countdown)
Violent Idols Intro to Violence (feat. K.A.Z)
10. Violent Idols – New Religion (feat. K.A.Z)
9. OKAMOTO’S – Welcome My Friend
7. DEAN FUJIOKA – Neo Dimension
6. BUCK-TICK – Kogoeru (Crystal Cube Ver.)
5. ARLEQUIN – Veludo
4. Arashi – Whenever You Call
2. MIYAVI – Holy Nights

The second half of the night was a holiday special.
Shonen Knife – Space Christmas
Aldious – hai no yuki
Michie Tomizawa – Last christmas
Kiyoharu – Christmas
L’Arc〜en〜Ciel – Hurry Xmas
vistlip – Snowman
BUMP OF CHICKEN – Merry Christmas
LUNA SEA – Holy knight
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence(Coda)
Gackt X Breakerz – 12gatsu No Love Song

Had to squeeze in some

It is Christmas Eve here at, going to be celebrating by showing you a bunch of videos of various artists from #japan. I have played almost all these songs on past #iheartjrock shows, up somewhere on

This is beautiful Aldious – Hai no Yuki
Michie Tomizawa sing Last Christmas
Kiyoharu – Christmas

L’arc En Ciel – Hurry Xmas

Check out #iheartjrock Sat 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Noho MA USA
Stream on
Will be playing some of these selections and the top 10 played songs of 2020 !!

Oblivion Dust BED OF ROSES
DIR EN GREY – Bottom of the Death Valley
TM NETWORK – Come On Let’s Dance 2014
ARASHI – Itsuka Byoshin No Au Koro
SixTONES – So Addicted【期間限定盤】
SixTONES – navigator
MONSTA X – Love Killa
FIVE NEW OLD – Chemical Heart (feat. Masato)
Spell – spell
Esprit D’Air – Leviathan
Dustz – Trigger
Hyde – fake devine
BABYMETAL – Catch Me If You Can
Coldrain – Revolution
Dragon Ash – Fly Over (feat. T$UYO$HI)
The BONEZ – Nice to meet you

Birthday wishes this week
Su Metal 12/20 23
Die 12/20 46
Masato 12/17 34
T$UYO$HI 12/17 46

and here it is as promised, DJ Sakura opening up and reading the email from SixTONES fan in Japan! Thank you so much ! The magazines are big and beautiful!

X-JAPAN jade(main mix) radio edit
X JAPAN Kurenai
hide – Flame (Psyence Faction Version)
hide Flame (Psyence Faction Version)
Various Artists EYES LOVE YOU 〜 Ver.2013 (feat. 今井寿(BUCK-TICK))
hide Rocket Dive
hide Tell Me
MIYAVI vs hide – Pink Spider
SixTONES – life in color
SixTONES – lemonade
SixTONES – new era
Under Fall Justice 追悼
shin and shou – blue/vivid
Hotei – Don’t Give Up!
Hotei Don’t Give Up!
Hotei – Great Messenger
9mm Parabellum Bullet – Burning Blood
Versailles – Desert Apple
Boris & Merzbow – Love

Happy Birthday Hide !! Thank you for SixTONES requests!!

SixTONES new era
SixTONES – So Addicted
VAMPS – Zero
hide – Ever Free
The Molice – Romancer
Shonen Knife – Wonder Wine
Esprit D’Air – Leviathan
Hyde – Let It Out
Hyde – Glamorous Sky
[Alexandros] – Vague
Sid – Comet
GOMESS & Yackle – 詩浄 (feat. sleepyhead)
DEAN FUJIOKA – Searching for the Ghost
Fuji Kaze – へでもねーよ
sukebo-king – the captain of the captain
AKIHIDE – 絵本動画「恋するハサミ
AKIHIDE – ループペダル #5.「Lost」
Dustz – Trigger

SixTONES went live on their youtube while my show was on. I got a chance to play some of the clips on the air. I got clips of Be Crazy, Laugh in the Life, Rollin, RAM-PAM-PAM, Imitation Rain, Navigator, Special Order, New Era
It was a lot of fun, SixTONES also updated their instagram stories during the night. It was 2am and I could no longer stay awake so I missed the new song うやむや , but thank you for the photos !!

Greetings #jrockers !! It’s been some time since I have updated I do apologize for the lack of updates.
So first thing, It was Taiga from #SixTONES birthday on 12/3 so we will be playing some requests, also going to try to play the 1st song off the 1st album from the website. Sound day as mentioned on their website. It supposed to be on at 6 minutes after 10pm tonight.
Also Esprit d’air released a new song and Kai will let me play it on the air !!
Also have 2s!! 2 songs from HYDE , and AKIHIDE.
Please join DJ Silent and DJ Sakura from 10pm est until midnight playing music from #japan and more!

Fake? – DISCO
Loka – Slick
Buck Tick – Alice In Wonder Underground
SixTONES – lemonade
SixTONES – new era instrumental
SixTONES – Imitation Rain instrumental
YOSHIKI – Red Swan (feat. HYDE)
Sarah Brightman – Miracle (Sarah’s Version) [feat. YOSHIKI]
X-JAPAN – Born to be free
DIR EN GREY – Akuro No Oka
St. Vincent – New York (feat. YOSHIKI)
Hyde – Zipang (feat. YOSHIKI)
L’arc En Ciel – My Dear -L’Acoustic Version
RAINASH – Beyond the Clouds
Inoran – Kingdom Come
Acid Black Cherry – Black Cherry
Sarufaromeo – Acid Cluster
Saito – Graves of Pollutant

DJ Silent and DJ Sakura were stuck in a tent :X

Also in the background during the show. Apparently that’s Aokigahara Forest

Greetings #jrockers!! Please join DJ Sakura aosd DJ Silent for another #iheartjrock !! The music starts at 10pm EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA streaming on

Tonight we will celebrate legendary japanese rock star Yoshiki’s bday with blocks of XJAPAN , his work with other various musicians and of course some #SixTONES thanks for the requests, I need receive #NEWERA from some very loyal #TeamSixTONES members so we will hear some excepts from that.

Greetings !! another live #iheartjrock tonight! 10PM EST On 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA also streaming on

Tonight DJ Sakura and DJ Silent will have a live performance with DJ Manfromnowhere also playing rock music from japan, and closing out the FALL FUND DRIVE

THANKS so much to those who have donated.

OKAMOTO’S Welcome My Friend
アリス九號. – Mandala
X japan – Weekend (live no audience){ Happy belated Birthday PATA}
YOSHIKI – Drum Solo
7 men samurai – samu dama
DEAN FUJIOKA – Go the Distance
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
SixTONES – Navigator
SixTONES – New Era
J-REXXX Original Raggamuffin (feat. Zendaman, Rudebwoy Face & Rueed)
Hyde – Let It Out
INORAN – Don’t Bring Me Down
Kyosuke Himuro – Kiss Me
Hotei – Poison
Ziggy – GLORIA
Ken Ishii & CO-FUSION – Raw Twist
Sarufaromeo – Phase
Galcid – Let Your Body Learn

Thank you Angela for the Baby Yoda LED NEON LAMP !! I LOVE BABY YODA !!

i am sorry for lack of updates, i have had a lot of stressful things going on. i’ve been working with vfr and i have been working on things with just learning and obsorbing

also addicted to minecraft and baby yoda

i am so grateful for sixtones fans and all other fans of music from japan

new music from HYDE this week on iheartjrock , also block of Sixtones thanks to all the requests, also BOOWY ,HOTEI, Kyosuke Himuro some XJAPAN because PATA had a birthday, YOSHIKI drum solo, AKIHIDE’s new old song ‘Lapis Lazuli’ (which is also in MINECRAFT as the magical stone!!) some electronics and more to get you to Midnight!

forget covid, forget the elections take 2 hours and just listen to music and rock!

Arashi Monster
ARASHI – Whenever You Call
ARASHI – Party Starters
SixTONES – new era
SixTONES – love u…
SixTONES – You & I
DJ Silent selections !!!
Lustmord – Ixaxaar
Ministry – Everyday (Is Halloween)
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Face to Face
The Cure – Pornography
Suicide – Ghost Rider (2019 – Remaster)
Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr
Fields of the Nephilim – Moonchild
Back to the #jrock
The GazettE – Deux
Buck-Tick – Kogoeru (Crystal Cube Ver.)
Happy Halloween!!
Anna Tsuchiya – LUCIFER
Leetspeak monsters – Samhain
Hyde – Halloween Party
The Molice – Monster
KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus – A Night Walker
GACKT – Dybbuk

Tune in next week for our yearly Halloween show!! DJ Silent will have some non-japanese artists to share and scare you!

Thanks for all the requests !!

Hyde Halloween Party
Arashi – Turning Up
ARASHI – Whenever You Call
SixTONES – navigator
SixTONES – japonica style
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
Sukekiyo – kisses
Sukekiyo – In All Weathers
Sukekiyo – Zephyr
Sukekiyo – Anima
DEXCORE – Don’t Be Afraid (2020 Version)
Dustz – Trigger
AKIHIDE Loop World
JILUKA – Edifice
Remnants Of The Fallen – Hel
Buck-Tick – Kogoeru (Crystal Cube Ver.)
Yoshiki – Without You (Unplugged) Piano Concerto – ピアノ協奏曲 YOSHIKI | Documentary Film premieres 2021 映画公開予定

Background music for the first half of #iheartjrock were electro remixes of Soredake by Monk-a-Tonk by Charles Berkhouse. Check it out!

The second half of #iheartjrock were more SixTONES songs !! Here’s the playlist on Youtube.

Kim Jae Joong BREAKING DAWN (Japanese Ver.) [Produced by HYDE] [Instrumental]
seo taiji nothing
seo taiji live wire
Spin Aqua Storm
Spin Aqua – Unchained
hide with Spread Beaver – Ever Free
hide with Spread Beaver Pink Spider
VAMPS My First Last
Oblivion Dust Never ending
Boowy B.BLUE
Esprit D’Air – Versus
The Molice – The Vision of Summer
The Splendid – Misfires & False Starts
KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus – Black Painted Beastie Bell
monk-a-tonk – それだけ -demo-

another SixTONES playlist I created on youtube

Background ambience provided by !! I am so excited to play this game. I cant wait!

Can’t wait for Cyberpunk 2077 !!

Happy October!! Lots of Halloween feels this month 🙂

Lynch – creature
SixTONES – new era
SixTONES navigator
SixTONES – Hysteria
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
LUNA SEA – Mechanical Dance
FAKE? – Pulse (English Version)
INORAN Don’t Bring Me Down
INORAN – Libertine Dreams
INORAN – Missing Piece
Buck-Tick – Peace
Buck-Tick – Kogoeru (Crystal Cube Ver.)
The Ravens – Golden Angle
Yoshida Brothers – Gibiate (feat. SUGIZO)
Yoshida Brothers Gibiate (feat. SUGIZO)
BABYMETAL – Elevator Girl
BABYMETAL – Shanti Shanti Shanti
TETSUYA – I Wanna Be With You
Cold Rain – see you
AKIHIDE – 絵本動画「恋した傘」
7 MEN 侍 – Rockin
7 MEN 侍 ローリング・コースター

Hope you enjoy the show! Don’t forget to leave a #request on the iheartjrock request page for me to play on the next #Iheartjrock
Also don’t forget that next week is K.A.Z bday , 3rd year in a row!!

Greetings #jrockers ! It’s finally #iheartjrock Saturday, please tune in tonight at 10PM EST on 103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton MA USA streaming on
2 hours of music from Japan!
New #jrock , new #jrock some #jpop #vk #anime and of course a block of #SixTONES with a preview of their upcoming single #NEWERA which appeared in the new #anime Yashahime Half Demon Princess !!
It is OCTOBER so we will be playing Halloween Party alot and next week is K.A.Z’s birthday, don’t forget to send Birthday wishes !!!

Acid Black Cherry ROMANESQUE
DIR EN GREY – Jessica
MIYAVI – Holy Nights
歌っちゃ王 – CLOUDY HEART(オリジナルアーティスト:BOOWY)
ATOM ON SPHERE – Useless kind
hide – Pose (Mixed Lemoned Jelly Mix Ver. 9)
Oblivion Dust – Designer Fetus (Remastered)
The Molice – Smeared Clear
SixTONES – japonica style
SixTONES – navigator
SixTONES – New World
Arashi – Whenever You Call
Joji – Your Man
Perfume – Time Warp
Buck Tick – Que Sera Sera Elegy
Buck Tick – Tsuki No Sabaku
Buck Tick – Coyote
Nightmare – ink
Hotei – New World

Welcome to the Jungle ! Bounce!

X-JAPAN – 「I.V.」 英語Ver
Buck Tick – Coyote
LUNA SEA – In Silence
VAMPS – Enjoy the Silence
SixTONES – Hysteria
SixTONES – telephone


Sixtones – Remix Medley

This awesome remix medley that a fan made!! Thank you!

hide Flame
ATOM ON SPHERE – Butcher Maze
MY FIRST STORY – アンダーグラウンド
Hazuki – 玉響の灯
MIYAVI – Over The Rainbow
MIYAVI Over The Rainbow
Ningen Isu – Inochi Urimasu (Full Version)
sex machine guns – メタル経理マン
The Alfee – Mary Ann
Onmyo-za – 甲賀忍法帖

Background ambiance, HALLOWEEN is coming soon!
So is K.A.Z birthday, remember to send wishes!!

Greetings #jrockers!! It’s Humpday , and let me remind you every Saturday nights, i host a radio show that plays 2 hours of music from #JAPAN , sometimes more! But it’s mostly old #jrock and new #jpop and some other funky music from #japan

K.A.Z guitarist for #obliviondust and #vamps has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and I will be doing my special show for him again this year. I started 2 years ago getting photos and birthday wishes from fans and read them on the air and also made a fan video for him. Video below.

Please send birthday wishes, I will read them on, or post / photo’s videos to my instragram account for him to see.


This week on #iheartjrock , more #SixTONES goodness, DJ Silent and myself sat and added somethings together we want to share. new #jrock old #jrock and more!

If you missed out on this week’s #iheartjrock it is now available to listen to free online.

DJ Silent and DJ Manfronowhere jamming in between songs last night.

Playlist for this evening.

SixTONES navigator
Sheena Ringo – Marunouchi Sadistic
ATOM ON SPHERE – Secret Life of Mine
fake? – White Rabbit Inc.
OBLIVION DUST – Forever (Remastered)
AKIHIDE – 黒猫のTango
SUGIZO – A Prayer
Esprit D’Air – Calling You
DIR EN GREY – Gyakujou Tannou Keloid Milk
Nocturnal Bloodlust – Reviver
Dustz – Criez
MIYAVI – Need For Speed
SixTONES – telephone
Silver Apples – Lovefingers
Silver Apples – Velvet Cave
Silver Apples Gypsy Love
BUCK-TICK – Eureka
MAN WITH A MISSION – 86 Missed Calls (feat. Patrick Stump)
OKAMOTO’S – Welcome My Friend