Thank you DJ Silent for the Depeche Mode tribute!
Depeche Mode turn 40 this year!

Depeche Mode New Dress
Depeche Mode Fly on the Windscreen – Final
Depeche Mode – Sacred
BAND-MAID – After Life
OBLIVION DUST – Forever (Remastered)
SixTONES – Imitation Rain
SixTONES – new era
Molice – THE LOOK
BABY METAL – Ijime Dame Zettai
Abingdon Boys School – Innocent Sorrow
vistlip – EDY[2020ver.]
Pornography – century lovers
Hyde – Defeat
lynch. – ALLIVE

also !

Hey #jrockers !! #iheartjrock is your 2 hour fix of rock music from #japan and more! Please join DJ Sakura666 and DJ Silent for some new music, old music, and so much more!

Bringing in the new year with new music from #japan and DJ Silent has a special celebration to a band who celebrated their 40th anniversary this year. Tune in to find out who!! Also blocks from those who sent in requests. Maybe talk about the new year?? Cyberpunk 2077 and Grogu ?

The music starts at 10 PM Est on 103.3FM Wxoj-LP Northampton MA USA
not in the area? vfr streams on all over the world for free

#jrock #jpop #vk #anime #music #japan

Greetings #jrockers!! Thanks for all your support in 2020! I will continue to run #iheartjrock and support #SixTONES #teamSixTONES #music from #japan ; especially #jrock hoping #vk will make a bigger comeback, also more #gaming and #starwars .
DJ Silent is starting off the new year with some selections this week.
Also starting off the new year with new music from #lynch. #hyde #molice also playing #SixTONES ( thanks for the requests ) !!

So many times in 2020 and also before I wanted to give up and walk away. The struggle is real especially when you are up against something as powerful and #pop music. But each light has a dark, and when there is a light it will never go out with darkness.
Music is a way to let out all emotions in your body, whether it is metal and you head bag , or run fast on a treadmill, or it’s poppy and makes you dance on a dancefloor, or on a treadmill XD
Just saying I’m not going anywhere for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I’ve seen a lot of people start and fizzle out. I have patience. Not saying I am waiting for something to happen or expect something to happen. I am just here.
Thank you for being here too.

SixTONES new era
SixTONES – So Addicted
VAMPS – Zero
hide – Ever Free
The Molice – Romancer
Shonen Knife – Wonder Wine
Esprit D’Air – Leviathan
Hyde – Let It Out
Hyde – Glamorous Sky
[Alexandros] – Vague
Sid – Comet
GOMESS & Yackle – 詩浄 (feat. sleepyhead)
DEAN FUJIOKA – Searching for the Ghost
Fuji Kaze – へでもねーよ
sukebo-king – the captain of the captain
AKIHIDE – 絵本動画「恋するハサミ
AKIHIDE – ループペダル #5.「Lost」
Dustz – Trigger

SixTONES went live on their youtube while my show was on. I got a chance to play some of the clips on the air. I got clips of Be Crazy, Laugh in the Life, Rollin, RAM-PAM-PAM, Imitation Rain, Navigator, Special Order, New Era
It was a lot of fun, SixTONES also updated their instagram stories during the night. It was 2am and I could no longer stay awake so I missed the new song うやむや , but thank you for the photos !!

Greetings #jrockers !! It’s been some time since I have updated I do apologize for the lack of updates.
So first thing, It was Taiga from #SixTONES birthday on 12/3 so we will be playing some requests, also going to try to play the 1st song off the 1st album from the website. Sound day as mentioned on their website. It supposed to be on at 6 minutes after 10pm tonight.
Also Esprit d’air released a new song and Kai will let me play it on the air !!
Also have 2s!! 2 songs from HYDE , and AKIHIDE.
Please join DJ Silent and DJ Sakura from 10pm est until midnight playing music from #japan and more!

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