#iheartjrock interviews The Molice !!

by DJ Sakura

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The Molice are a 3 piece rock and roll band from Japan, who are spending time in NY and would like to stay longer. The band have been touring, and enjoy playing live. I got the opportunity to meet them , watch their amazing performance, and also got a few minutes of their time for an interview. They are very nice people, this recording is very happy and positive. I am so very happy I got to meet them. I wish them great success! Bishop’s Lounge in northampton ma usa is where they performed on July 14 2018. The venue was packed and everyone was dancing and going Live on FB. Amazing sight to see. Lot of fun energy. Please listen and enjoy my interview. Please remember to visit http://www.themolice.com and follow them on sms.

They are always looking for places to play while they are here!

Intro music: Romancer Live The Molice Spotify

Everyone: Hi!
Dj Sakura: Yes Welcome to #iheartjrock I am DJ Sakura and I have The Molice
The Molice: Yep! Yes!
Rinko: We are The Molice!
Paro: Hello !
Yuzuru: Hi !
DJ : Could you please introduce yourselves and tell me what instrument you play.
Rinko: I’m Rinko , I play rhythm guitar and singer.
Yuzuru: I’m Yuzuru I play lead guitar.
Paro: (Laughs) Hi I am Paro I play drum and chorus.
DJ: Great!
Paro: Yes
DJ: Could you please tell us how you all met and became The Molice?
Rinko: Yuzuru and me, played in previous band and the band broke up and we decided to. We had a clear image to next band. So we like to do activity to all over the world so we formed Molice in 2007. And we changed members again and again and again. Paro our drummer, played in another band in 2013 and we joined together in a venue in Tokyo at an event. We saw his drumming, we just saw it at that time, but we remember his drum style. We changed members again and in 2015 we remembered his style and drumming so we emailed and contacted him. When we play together in rehearsal studio we just knew we should play together.
Yuzuru: So with this line up we changed out name to The Molice
Rinko: Yes Molice changed to The Molice with this line up
DJ: So what was it before?
Rinko: Sorry from when we formed with this line up Molice changed to The Molice
DJ(embarrassed) OHHHH!!!! HAHAHA




Everyone Laughs
Rinko: Do you understand?
DJ: Yes
Rinko: Thank you
DJ: No thank you! That was my next question.
Rinko: Next question
DJ: If you were not musicians what would you be doing?
Yuzuru: HM … so maybe walking.. oh i love science fiction old days read novels and history (unclear) all day long.
DJ: All day long? Just reading and walking?
Yuzuru: Yes giggles
Paro: Me? Just sleep rest
DJ: That sounds nice
Rinko: Just taking bliss, do you understand?
DJ: laughs Yes
Rinko: Thank you. I am always thinking i really want to be a musician.
DJ: Always, since you were little… nothing else?
Rinko: Yes I really love music
DJ: Music is great, and you guys were great tonight.
The Molice: Yes
DJ: You guys did really well, everybody was dancing and it was so packed in there
THE Molice: yes!
Yuzuru: Super excited
DJ: YEA it was great
Rinko: Wonderful night
DJ And how do you enjoy usa?
Yuzuru: I can enjoy everything nature, cities, viewing all of people we met everything is so exciting for me.
Rinko: My turn, it’s my turn. At first Buffalo’s nature is so great. The balance natures and cities balance so great. So I’m painting now. We have art shows. I am painting in the yard so I can hear birds singing, flies (unclear) no no just kidding birds singing, neighbors loving, OH! Just kidding (everyone laughs) birds singing
leaf singing sunshine is beautiful sunset beautiful
Yuzuru: So I think USA has lots of nature lots yes lots of nature
DJ: Yes especially around this area, and you were in Toyko in the city and it was just buildings and noises
Y: Yes so noisey
DJ: It’s so quiet out here
Y: Yes so nice
DJ: It’s really pretty in the autumn, in the fall, when the leaves turn
R: Lance our tour manager takes us to rich nature
DJ: Like hiking ..walking in the forest
R: Falls and lakes
DJ: Nice
R: Yes, in Buffalo, the sunshine time is wrong. Sunset time around 9pm?
DJ: Yes in the summer
R: In Tokyo about 6:30 or 7
DJ: We set our clocks back an hour, we like to screw everything up, long days
The Molice: YES
DJ: Do you have a favorite food or restaurant in USA?
Y: Hamburger
R: defiantly tuna melt
P: Steak hoggie
P: Donuts and coffee
DJ: oh yeah defiantly coffee
DJ: What bands or musicians would you like to work with in the future?
Y; I love american alternative music, so much! So I would like to work with anyone who has american alternative music spirits
DJ: You want to work with alternative rock bands that are american? newer or older?
Y: Yes I love fugazi, the pixies , shellac , i love so much
DJ: AWESOME, those are cool bands.
P: I like Dave Grohl , The Foo Fighters , but Dave Grohl drumming in Nirvana , and Sebedoh , Dinosaur JR
DJ: Wow all those bands are from this area
Lots of yes, and giggles from everyone, P mentions foo fighters
R: I agree. Fugazi
DJ: That would be a great you guys playing with Fugazi and the Pixies at the Bishops Lounge.
P: We saw the the  Messthetics, the guys from Fugazi’s other band rythm section new band. I saw yesterday.
DJ: Ok, i’m not familiar with the new band
Y: Yesterday in the (venue)
DJ: I saw the pictures ok!
Y and P : So excited
Rinko: Like a child. Like children.
Y / P Laugh
DJ: That’s like, when bands from Japan come here, like when vamps/OD i just saw them
y: yeah yeah laughs
dj: i just saw them i love them i was ahhh!!!

DJ: What are you musicial influences
Y: All of US and UK music, in general rock and roll. hip hop . electronic everything
Rinko: The Doors , and Beatles and Elvis Prestley. Rock and Roll from the 50s
P: Nirvana and 90s music UK band and american rock nirvana dinosaur jr oasis blur
R: we can talk about this 24 hours sorry
DJ: You can talk about music for 24 hours
R: Yes
DJ ME too
R; I love the Beatles ,
Y Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin,
DJ: I love David Bowie
P: The Police
R: OH! I forgot the police! Sorry the Police! We are the MOlice. We really love The Police.
DJ: That’s where you got your name right?
R: Yes of course
DJ: Have you picked up any bad habits since being in the states?
R: I am getting to be a night person. Midnight person.
Y: Aw yes i agree
R: Bad Habit
P; in japan too.
R: NO!
P: We are night person
R: Yuzuru is a very morning person, but he is getting to be a night person.
DJ: I am a morning person, I am up at 4am, and then i go to the gym, then i go to work
Y WOW Great
DJ But i am in bed by 8p. This is really late for me but that’s ok. I had a nap. ANd I am still wired from the show.
R: Due to Paro. Paro is a very midnight person. Dracula.
P: Yes
R: Yuzuru and I are getting inspired by him. Bad Habit. Bad guy.
P: I usually sleep from 4 or 5 or 6
R: or 7
DJ: Once you see the sun come up
P: Sunlight? I should sleep When I see sunlight, I think I should sleep
R: I have to
P: I have to sleep
Y: Its time to bed
P Yes
R: He really like’s sunlight. But opposite.
DJ: So how did you guys end up in NY?
y: Yes so excited !! NYC is so so cool but i feel every city in the us we went to so nice
DJ: You guys like NYC
R: Our label based in Buffalo NY so we think we have to tour around nyc. And my first trip to foreign country is NY for me. So NY is special. So we end up in NY
DJ: I love nyc, i take the train down
R: But we hope to travel all of usa but we really like ny
DJ: Is that where you guys will be in 5 years ? All over the united states
Y: Agrees , i hope to be here or europe
R: I will be able to speak english like native.
DJ: You speak really well
R: aw thank you, you are so kind, everyone is so kind around me
and i will be space
DJ: You’ll be in space?
R: yes in 5 years
DJ: Will you fly to mars?
P: The Moon
R: Mars. I have a venue in my head dancefloor in my head maybe in 5 years The Molice will be there in space
DJ Well in 5 years we could have spaceships and that would be cool we could travel all throughout space
R: we will live in the united states.. maybe
p: yes
y: yes
DJ: that was my last question for you guys take you so much for coming do you have anything you would like to share? Any thoughts or comments.
R: thank you so much for inviting us tonight, today we have our website and social media fb , twitter, instagram so please check them out and we will start to raise funds on kickstarter soon so please check
DJ: and that is themolice.com and it has links to all your social medias, does it have a link to the kickstarter?
Y We would like to do more shows so please invite us to your town!
R: we will really like to come back to northampton. we will come back soon. We hope to see the venue, or venues. We look forward to seeing
DJ: SO nice meeting your guys. Please check out The Molice on tour!

Outro: Sparkling of Light – Single 2017



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