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KAZ birthday wishes page!!

It’s that time of year! My favorite #jrocker K.A.Z from VAMPS , Oblivion Dust, hide and spread beaver, Spin Aqua celebrating his 54th birthday on Oct 11.
Are you a fan of K.A.Z ?? Leave a birthday message by clicking “Happy Birthday” a comment box will appear and all you have to do is write up a message and it will appear at the bottom of the comments. Not logged in accounts will have to be accepted by the webmaster. Left a message last year? It’s ok, new year new birthday wish.
We will celebrate K.A.Z birthday on #Iheartjrock which will air 10/8 EST or 10/9 JST Thanks!

Please be kind.



YouTube player
A youtube video I made for K.A.Z a few years ago. Thanks for those who helped make it. Please enjoy and don’t forget to leave birthday wishes!!

7 thoughts on “KAZ birthday wishes page!!

  1. 🎂Happy Birthday K,A,Z🎂
    Hope you have a great year💗

  2. K.A.Zくん💜Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday KAZ🎉🎉🎉
    I love your guitar performance.🎸🎸🎸

  4. 🎂Happy Birthday KAZ!🎂

    Wishing your good health and happiness in life✨


    Thank you so much for your wonderful music🎸

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