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#iheartjrock before studio update 2022

#iheartjrock before studio update 2022

Here’s #iheartjrock recorded May 21 at 10P in the VFR studio. As mentioned during the show, VFR did very well in the fund drive and want to get the upgrades done a s a p. This is the recording before the update, please listen to hear any changes, positive or negative.
Thanks for all the 80s requests! They were very nostalgic! Also thanks for the #jrock and #jpop songs, I forgot to play a #larcenciel song, it somehow got deleted from the playlist 😞 I posted the video at the bottom of the page.

Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Bobby Brown – My Prerogative
Martika – Toy Soldiers
I Don’t Like Mondays. – HONNE
ATOM ON SPHERE – Secret Life of Mine
Dustz – Zoë ~BeautifulWorld~
coldrain – CALLING
Miyavi Need For Speed
BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE – Last Dance ni Bye Bye
The Rampage Lightning English version
m-flo presents PRINCE PROJECT feat. 吉野北人 – Too Shy
JO1 – Algorithm
ARASHI – Daylight
Tsuyoshi Domoto – Sunday Morning
BABYMETAL – Akatsuki
LUNA SEA – Storm
ジャニーズWEST – Mixed Juice
King & Prince – Bounce
kINKI Kids – Natural Thang
BE:FIRST – Bye-Good-Bye
Tomohisa Yamashita – Beautiful World
**** BONUS ****
#SixTONES – Imitation Rain
#Endrecheri – Someiyoshino

New #SixTONES Watashi comes out June 8th! Here’s the youtube version of the song. It’s quiet lovely. SixTONES have a radio show on Saturdays in Japan called SixTONESANN all night nippon, they had a special guest this week!! Yoshiki !! He shocked Juri so much! Jesse Taiga and Kochi attended L’arc’s anniversary show at the Tokyo Dome! So cool! They also released this video last week and it has over 4MIL views! I know I watched it 1000000000000 times

YouTube player

Last minute BE:FIRST request! Squeezed it in!

YouTube player

Every week I receive requests for Tomoshima Yamashita. I really like this one.

YouTube player

Poor L’arc En Ciel, I really wanted to listen to this song.

YouTube player

Thanks if you made it this far! Please visit the youtube page for the bands I played on their show. Be sure to follow their social medias too!

Don’t forget to check out #SakuraUnderground for more music!

Please don’t send requests for 2 weeks.

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