#iheartjrock Happy Birthday Jesse 2022

#iheartjrock Happy Birthday Jesse 2022

Here’s the latest #iheartjrock. We played some 80s hits; Kate Bush, Stevie Wonder, Bon Jovi! Older jrock and a block of SixTONES. Happy Birthday was sung in Japanese, we were also broadcasting from the DOW Studio at VFR, how’d it sound? It’s really hot in there tho 🥵

Kate Bush Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday
Bon Jovi – Livin’ On a Prayer
X JAPAN – Sadistic Desire (Remaster)
The GazettE – NOX
VAMPS – B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Blood)
Alice Nine – yaminichirusakura
Acid Black Cherry – ROMANESQUE
L’arc En Ciel – Promised land 2005
ONE OK ROCK – Wonder
[Alexandros] – Mushin Pakusu
King & Prince – Ichiban

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Happy Birthday to Jesse from #SixTONES

10 facts from DJ Sakura666 about Jesse!

  1. Born June 11th 1996
  2. Tall with long legs and arms
  3. Goes to the gym a lot, eats heathy, thinks positively.
  4. Loves Donald Duck and does a great impression of him
  5. He has the best laugh! It makes me laugh when I hear it
  6. Models, I have ANAN , FINEBOYS, TARZAN and a lot more thank you #teamsixtones
  7. He religiously updates his blog everyday with a selfie. I save them and like each post!
  8. He likes to eat and he is a now called MR Archery he is amazing with a bow! He also walks on a tightrope!
  9. He is funny, silly, handsome, caring, charming, half american(father) and japanese(mother), so he can speak English and Javanese.
  10. He likes Kinki Kids, Tsuyoshi Domoto, Koji Tamaka, Bon Jovi and Daft Punk and so many others

His special playlist, BON JOVI ‘Livin on a prayer’ appeared at the beginning of the show during 80s hits
Jesse x Shintaro Morimoto – Louder
SixTONES – Theater
Koji Tamaki – Melody
ENDRECHERI – congrats TU U
kINKI Kids – Happy Happy Greeting

Back to the #requests
ARASHI – Party Starters
ジャニーズWEST – Shadows

Thanks for all the birthday wishes to me and Jesse! It was so awesome, feeling the love!

DJ Silent as a puddle.. and DJ Sakura666 in VFR studio

And thank you #teamSixTONES for the cds and all the magazines!

Do The Thing! 🤘

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