Bday wishes for #SixTONES members 2023


How is it almost summer of 2023!?!?

We are nearing June #SixTONES birthday babies Jesse 11th(he will be 27! ) Juri 15th and Hokuto 18th(both will be 28!)

We will celebrate Jesse (and DJ Sakura666 birthday June 10th on #iheartjrock.) Please feel free to leave a birthday message in the area below. Also looking for more fun facts about Jesse so that can also be added below, or a message to DJ Sakura666 can also be done.

We will celebrate Juri and Hokuto on June 17th. Feel free to leave birthday wishes and some fun facts we can go through on #iheartjrock

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100 thoughts on “Bday wishes for #SixTONES members 2023

  1. Happy Birthday to Jesse!! You are so strong, and talented. Everything you do is amazing. Have a wonderful year! Hope to see you one day!💎🎈🎉❤️

  2. Happy Birthday JESSE❤️
    I’m proud of you.
    You always raise us up.
    Your performance is amazing.
    I hope you will enjoy playing
    Beetle Juice.

  3. Happy Birthday 🎂
    Sakura san🌸
    I’m very happy to see your messages to SixTONES every time😍
    May your days be brighter and brighter ㊗️

  4. DJ Sakuraさんお誕生日おめでとうございます🎁🎂


    Happy birthday JESSE!
    I pray that you have a peaceful and healthy day every day. GOOD LUCK with your musical!

  5. DJサクラさん、いつもありがとうございます!そしてお誕生日おめでとうございます。



    Big Love for SixTONES!SixTONES!

  6. Happy birthday, Jesse! 🎂❤️ June 11th
    Thank you for always entertaining us with your wonderful singing voice and performance!
    Your deep love for the members of SixTONES, the people around you and the fans is very moving to us!
    Wish you have a happy day and a nice year!

    Happy Birthday, DJ Sakura! 🎂🌸 June 9th
    Thank you very much for the awesome page!
    You have played SixTONES since show for Valentine’s 3 years ago.
    Thank you for always loving SixTONES.
    Wish you will be able to meet SixTONES in the near future!

  7. 髙地優吾くんお誕生日おめでとうございます🎂💛

  8. 髙地優吾さま


  9. Happy 29th birthday Yugo💛
    You’re the anchor of SixTONES.
    I always respect you.
    Plz enjoy your new stage in June㊗️

  10. Happy birthday, Yugo Kochi! 🎂💛 March 8th
    Thank you for the daily blog updates! Smile every day😊
    You are very much loved by the members of SixTONES and everyone.
    Your presence is essential.
    You are indispensable to everyone.
    Wish you have a happy day and a nice year!

  11. Happy birthday!Yougo!

  12. Happy 29th Birthday YUGO💛
    I respect you’cause you’ve been learning something .
    I hope you’ll have much chance to show your knowledges 😍
    May your days be brighter and brighter 💛

  13. Happy Birthday Kyomo!!
    I’m happy that you’ve been very active in the stage and drama this year.
    May your 28th be a wonderful year!!

  14. 京本大我さん、お誕生日おめでとう!

    さて、きょもがお気に入りのバンドは、Mr.Children、King Gnu、Mrs.GreenApple かなと思います。

    Mr.childrenだと「REM」「NOT FOUND」をミュージックソンで歌っていましたね。

    King Gnuだと「Sorrows」を鼻歌で歌っていた気がします。



  15. 大我くんお誕生日おめでとうございます🎂
    DJ Sakuraさん、DJ Silentさん、お祝いありがとうございます。


    7月28日のインスタグラム ストーリーで
    ●坂本龍一 「戦場のメリークリスマス」
     Ryuichi Sakamoto “Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence”

    最近聴いている楽曲 6月5日フジテレビ「Love music」で
    ●マカロニえんぴつ 「星が泳ぐ」

    ●ONE OK ROCK 「Liar」
    ●ONE OK ROCK 「Mr.現代Speaker」(Mr. gendai speaker)

    10月29日放送ラジオ「JA全農 COUNTDOWN JAPAN」
    ●Mr.Children 「CENTER OF UNIVERSE」

    10月30日放送ラジオ「Here comes the moon」
    ●Mrs. GREEN APPLE 「Circle」

  16. 京本大我くん

  17. 京本大我様

  18. 大我くんお誕生日おめでとうございます🎂🎉

  19. Happy Birthday, Taiga!

    Thank you for your music with SixTONES.
    I am always encouraged by your beautiful and clear voice. I love your voice.
    Always a pleasure that we can see you singing in amazing voice!
    Thank you for moving us by your wonderful singing and power of music!
    Hope that you enjoy your Bday with your nice friends, family.
    Wish you have a happy day and a nice year! Have a great Bday!

    Thank you very much for the awesome web page!
    Happy Birthday to you, DJ Sakura’s mom.
    Best wishes!

  20. Happy 28th birthday, Taiga! 🎂💗 December 3rd
    You are a great singer, dancer, actor and creative person!
    Also, cool , cute, beautifu, and attractive in mysterious and chaos.
    I am moved by your efforts and deep feelings!
    Wish you have a happy day and a nice year!

  21. Happy birthday, Shintaro💚🐻
    He is always as bright as the sun and a little sensitive shy boy!
    I love you for being such a sweet and tough guy!
    You’ve been very active this year! Daimaru was the best.
    Now on to the drama, the movie, and your performance at SixTIONES!
    You are going to show us many different faces!
    I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.
    Please take care of yourself!
    I always love you!

  22. 慎太郎くん25歳のお誕生日おめでとうございます🎂💚7月15日
    「NEW ERA」の「I wanna I wanna I wanna say no…」と、

    Happy 25th birthday, Shintaro! 🎂💚July 15th
    I love your singing voice!
    My favorite part from Shintaro’s singing voice, from the title song of SixTONES’s single.
    “NEW ERA” ‘s “I wanna I wanna I wanna say nonononono…nononononono”
    “共鳴 (Kyomei)” ‘s “machigai surechigai suramo fukunda chikai” and “todorokasu kyomei” (ヘボン式ローマ字 Hepburn romanization)
    Your singing voice is truly amazing!

  23. Happy 25th birthday, Shintaro! 🎂💚July 15th
    You won the JGR MARIOKART Strongest King Final🏆
    Congratulations, Shintaro🎉
    That’s great!
    Please continue to show us your amazing gameplay!

  24. Happy Birthday to Shintaro🎉🎊🎂
    You are so kind, funny, cute and diligent person✨I wish you much more success in an actor and various work✨
    Wishing you many many years of unending happiness, love and joy✨🙏

  25. 慎ちゃん💚お誕生日おめでとう!

    Shin💚 Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for entertaining SixTONES, drama, and blog.
    You are cool! I’m supporting you to be more and more active

  26. Happy 25th Birthday to SHINTARO 💚㊗️
    Everyone knows your aggressive actions.
    Whenever and wherever you are, everyone will be happy 😃
    May your days be brighter and brighter 💚

  27. 慎ちゃんお誕生日おめでとう🎂

  28. Happy 25th birthday, Shintaro! 🎂💚July 15th
    You love SixTONES and members very much!
    Your smile makes everyone happy!
    You are very handsome, so funny, humorous, cheerful, and lovable person.
    Also, you are a sensitive and attentive person.
    You have a lovely, charming and sweet singing voice.
    You are a great and very expressive dancer.
    Thank you for entertaining us with your many acting works.
    I’m very moved that you are trying your best in variety show.
    You are the youngest in the group, however very reassuring and dependable person.
    Wish you have a happy day and a nice year!

  29. 慎ちゃんお誕生日おめでとう🎊

  30. 慎ちゃん💚お誕生日おめでとう〜🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Happy Birthday Shintaro🎉 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Thank you for always entertaining me ✨ ✨
    I wish you a healthy and enjoyable year without any injuries!

  31. Happy birthday, Hokuto-kun! It has been 3 whole years since I became a fan. Everyday I am healed and thrilled by you, Hokuto-kun. You are my everything!
    I always, always love you.
    I hope I get to see a lot of Hokuto-kun at 27!
    We had a lot of fun celebrating yesterday.
    I am also happy to have made many friends because of you. Thank you, Hokuto-kun!
    I’ll push for you forever!

  32. Happy birthday, Hokuto! 🎂🖤 June 18th
    Always a pleasure that we can see you acting in various roles!
    Thank you for moving us by your wonderful acting and power of expression!
    Wish you have a happy day and a nice year!

  33. いつもSixTONESを盛り上げてくれてありがとうございます。これからもよろしくお願いします。

  34. Happy Birthday Hokuto! Congratulations for all the drama’s you have appeared in this year. I hope you continue acting and I hope to one day watch one of your movies or dramas.

  35. 🎖️NN🚩 (@Ninavote1) says:
    Happy birthday to Hokuto🎂🎉🎊
    I’m so happy for Hokuto’s success in movies and dramas✨I hope your much more success and more people will know the charm of Hokuto as cute as a puppy✨May this year’s birthday be the best ever for you🎂

  36. 🎖️NN🚩 (@Ninavote1) says:
    Happy birthday to Juri🎂🎉🎉
    Thank you for always bringing SixTONES together✨Good luck on DREAM BOYS✨I hope DREAM BOYS success and much more success as TV and radio host too✨Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires🎂

  37. Happy birthday, Juri! 🎂💙 June 15th
    You are the greatest rapper and a excellent facilitator!
    You are intelligent, trustworthy, and I’m always counting on you!
    Wish you have a happy day and a nice year!

  38. Happy Birthday, Jesse!
    Thanks for always having the biggest smile and the most amazing voice! Your kindness always saves my life. Your face and body have become sharper and more beautiful with your recent muscle training.
    Keep up the good work and keep smiling and laughing like Jesse! Love you!

  39. Happy Birthday my love, Jesse🎂❤️
    Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires❤️

    ❤️Jesse’s favorite song and artists❤️
    ★Tsuyoshi Domoto, Koichi Domoto, KinKi Kids
    ★玉置浩二(Koji Tamaki)
    最高でしょ?(Saiko desyo?)
    ★安全地帯/玉置浩二(Anzen chitai/Koji Tamaki)
    ひとりぼっちのエール(Hitoribotti no yell)
    君がいないから(Kimi ga inaikara)
    たしかなこと(Tashikana Koto)
    ★Bon Jovi
    It’s My Life, Livin’ on a Prayer
    ★Daft Punk
    Get Lucky
    and so on.

  40. 北斗くんお誕生日おめでとう🎈💐

    Hokuto Happy Birthday 🎈💐
    Hokuto who is photogenic, good at acting, and has a good voice
    It’s always cool ✨ ✨
    I’m looking forward to working in the future 🎉

  41. 樹!お誕生日おめでとう🎂🎉

    Happy 27th Birthday, Juri🎂🎉
    Congratulations on the Dream Boys replay 🍾
    I’m looking forward to both SixTONES and Juri individually ✨ ✨ Good luck 📣

  42. Happy Birthday JESSE ❤️
    I found that your sweet voice suits animations .
    You’re the sun of SixTONES 💎
    May your days be happy and bright ☀️

  43. Happy birthday, Jesse! 🎂❤️ June 11th
    ZUDON is a magic word that makes everyone happy!
    Thank you for always entertaining us with your great singing voice!
    Wish you have a happy day and a nice year!

  44. Happy birthday my love, Jesse❤️
    Thank you so much for your having been born in this world❤️Your smile, wonderful singing voice and humor soothe us❤️You are the reason of my smile and you are my sunshine❤️You bring us joy and happy❤️I’m so proud of Jesse❤️I wish you luck, happiness and everything your beautiful heart wants

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