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#iheartjrock Summer Party People 2022

#iheartjrock Summer Party People 2022

Here is the archive for #iheartjrock Summer Party People 2022, which originally aired Aug 13, 2022. Please listen when you have a moment. We hope you enjoy the broadcast. DJ Silent is back being not so silent.

We also celebrated Riku from #TheRampage 28th birthday. We played The First Take Starlight, Heatwave and Into the Light! Thanks for all the birthday wishes too!!
Video from the official #THERAMPAGE twitter. They had a live performance in Nagano this weekend.

Have you listened to the SixTONES summer listeningPARTY 2022 yet? I had it in the background. They played all my favorite songs. It was such a great time. I was stuck at work , but I could listen to it as it went live. I also appreciate the SixTONES youtube page also posting it for our enjoyment. #SixTONES and #Sonymusic are so great to us.

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