#SakuraUnderground dog days of summer

#SakuraUnderground dog days of summer

Welcome to another Sakura Underground. DJ Silent and DJ Sakura666 combine an interesting mix of musical genres to share with you each week for something different, something retrospective, or just something silly. This week we have selections from Olivia Newton John who sadly passed. A classic from William S Burroughs and Disposable Hero’s, a comedic track from Bill Hicks, about drugs. A request for ICE T and Slayer from the 1993 movie Judgement Night, and finishing off the night with music from #japan! Thanks for the requests for #Iheartjrock, some of them spilt over to this playlist. Please listen when you have time. Please leave a comment, it really helps. Feedback for is located below.

playlist for this week's SakuraUnderground
Olivia Newton John
Public Image Limited
WIlliam S Burroughs
Bill Hicks
Slayer, Ice T
Sonic Youth, Cypress Hill
Roxy Music
The Oral Cigarettes
DAN Corneluis
Tomohisa Yamashita

Also played SixTONES summer listening Party in the background, not sure if you can hear it. It also appears in this week’s #Iheartjrock !!

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